Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day of Contrasts

It started in the garden in the early morning and ended with a Panida Theater screening of an independent film which kept me up past my usual bed time.  In between, my Saturday turned out to be busy and fun.  

Berries and beans are coming on around the place but they're off to a slow start, which meant just one container needed for pickin' and grinnin'.  

I have a feeling, though, that once those blueberries start their usual routine of ripening almost overnight and the beans come on in full force, containers will be overflowing. 

Yesterday's people encounters could meet the "overflowing" test.  In fact, I don't have enough fingers to count all the people with whom I visited yesterday.  

There was the Wal-Mart crowd.  I went early to avoid the crowds but realized that others I know well had done the same thing. 

Not good when it's others you know well converging on Wal-Mart at the same time.  Turns out that a quick trip to buy groceries ended up taking twice the usual time because extended conversations with several friends I met in the aisles. 

Next came a comparatively quieter experience with Bill and Kiwi.  Knowing we had to be ready to go to two evening events by 4:30, we planned a short road trip up the Caribou Creek Road in Upper Pack River. 

A portion of the road which was open last time we went up that way had a new gate.  So, we parked and took a short hike past the gate where logged over areas had opened up astounding views of the Selkirks.  

It's fireweed time in the mountains, and the purple flower adds a nice splash of color pretty much anywhere it grows. 

Next, it was off to the Sagle area where we attended a potluck at Luke Mayville's home. Luke and his friend Garrett Strizich have spearheaded a statewide movement to accentuate the importance of public education, expansion of Medicaid and protection of public lands. 

They've made contacts throughout the state, and this next week, their movement will receive a significant boost with an appearance by Pulitzer Prize winning author and avid public education proponent Dr. Marilynne Robinson.  

Dr. Robinson, a Sandpoint native, will speak Thursday night at the Panida Theater. Later, Luke and Garrett will hold another event as a send-off for their travels around Idaho in their "Medicaid Mobile."  

They hope to raise public awareness on stops along the way and to encourage the need to elect legislative candidates in 2018 who support the three issues driving the Reclaim Idaho movement. 

Last night's potluck served as a get-acquainted event for individuals who have been helping Luke and Garrett get their movement off the ground. 

Bill and I left early so we could get to the Panida to watch the movie screening of Losing Julia Finch, based on a short story by Clemson University professor and Sandpoint High grad Keith Morris.  

SHS Class of 1982 grad Jeff Bock and his college friend from Montana State University adapted the short story into a screenplay, which was filmed mostly in the Sandpoint area a few years back. 

The event drew a host of Jeff's and Keith's friends, and, of course, leading to some enthusiastic reunions.  In one case, Bill had the opportunity to visit for the first time in years with one of his Eagle Scouts, Chase Sanborn who founded Wallace Brewing Co. in Wallace.  

It was fun seeing former students and a few faces from out of the past. 

Yesterday was definitely like the food spread in the top photo:  variety and a full plate of activities.  Great seeing everyone and, of course, getting a chance to enjoy the back country. 

Happy Sunday. 

Former ski instructor and Bonners Ferry resident Faye Morris, 91, says she's been political since she was a small child. 

Beau enjoyed the potluck.  He's a very nice dog. 

Reclaim Idaho co-founder Garrett Strizich

Luke Mayville, founder of Reclaim Idaho.

Luke's cousin Ruth helped prepare last night's potluck. 

Reclaim Idaho proponents Nancy Gerth and Christine Moon

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Actor Mark Kluntz and director Jeff Tedd Bock talk about their movie Losing Julia Finch, which had its initial screening at the Panida Theater last night. 

Chase Sanborn, owner of Wallace Brewing Co. and good friend of author Keith Morris connects with Jeff Bock, who turned Morris' short story into a screenplay. 

Carmen Chapin Mace, Sara McIntyre, Jennifer Lunde Hege and Julie Berryhill Johson, all classmates from SHS Class of 1992. 

Bill enjoys a visit with Sandpoint historian and author Nancy Renk.

Classmates  from SHS Class of 1992:  Angela Warren, Julie Berryhill, Hilary Sheffler and Jeff Bock.

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