Monday, July 17, 2017

Tasty Time

One raspberry a day.

One blueberry a day.

Approximately 12 green beans smothered in margarine and cheddar cheese yesterday.

One salad with baby chard, three kinds of fresh lettuce, walnuts, dried cranberries, flakes of medium cheddar cheese, deluge of ranch dressing, two or three times weekly.

Fresh, sliced cukes drowning in ranch dressing.

Soon, some blackberries from the bush. 

Likewise, both red and white new potatoes are beginning to push through the dirt, seemingly making the announcement that 2017 Spuds Have Arrived. 

The fresh and full taste of summer is upon us, and I'm loving every bite.

Though my yield is still pretty small this year, I've been sampling fresh raspberries off the vine for the past two weeks, and doing the same with blueberries for several days.

The blueberry yield from my nine bushes will be astounding, as will this year's crop of green beans.

I was totally astonished yesterday when I discovered those two rather mature cucumbers pictured above.  They either had been hiding under leaves very effectively for the past several days, or they pulled off a "quick grow" overnight. 

All the other babies on my dozen-plus plants would be lucky to average an inch or two at the most.  I guess these two cukes decided to be the sacrificial front runners.  Maybe they sensed how often Bill and I had been checking for progress. It's for sure they won't be hanging around our kitchen counter for long.

We do delight in every bite from our summer cucumbers, and it's looking like a bumper crop this year. 

These days I never calculate how much it costs to get the garden going.  Instead, the value is determined by the palate, and with each delightful bite, who cares about dollars and cents??

All that freshness grown with love and daily care in our own personal dirt tastes so much better than anything we can purchase at the store. 

That to me is priceless.

Happy Monday. 

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