Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Along Country Roads

Happy August!  This month certainly made its appearance quickly.  Or, is it an age thing that time just keeps flying by faster and faster as we grow older?

Whatever the case, I find it hard to believe that we're already here.

Though a lot of the countryside is drying up, thanks to our ongoing heat wave, some pretty sights do exist along the country roads, especially in the early evening. 

My country roads last night included South Center Valley, Selle, Hickey, Sunnyside, Colburn-Culver, Jacobson and East Shingle Mill. 

The air conditioning in the car felt good, and that water in Lake Pend Oreille with sunbeams beating down on it looked inviting.  I still haven't dipped my toes yet this year, but with this week's heat, I'm sure that's coming.  

I made a decision yesterday that a portion of three dog-day afternoons this week would be spent with the dogs.  Foster was first, Kiwi, today, and Liam will receive his bath tomorrow. 

Seemed like a good idea for the dogs and for me.  From Foster's reaction to his clip and nip and full-fledged bath, I think the dogs are gonna love this plan. 

When the temps get up there into the hundreds in a few days, maybe I'll have to do it all over again. 

Foster's beauty treatment occurred inside, but every time he shook his wet head, I received a shower, which normally wouldn't be too refreshing, but yesterday it felt just fine. 

Anywho, they say water and air conditioning are good ideas for the next several days, so the doggie beauty treatments and more time spent in the car, taking photos and finding water where the non-bikini crowd hangs out will be nice. 

I'll also continue to pick the summer bounties.  Beans, berries and cucumbers are coming on like grasshoppers and house flies. So, I'll do my best to gather the crops each day before the afternoon sun starts beating down. 

Yesterday's picking of blueberries went through the drying process. Amazing how minimal all those berries look in their little baggie after almost filling a mixing bowl straight off the bush. These dried berries are now in the refrigerator and bound for salad tops.  

Should be some tasty times ahead with fresh lettuce, chard garden cukes and homegrown dried blueberries to go with my ranch dressing. 

Speaking of all that garden produce and hot times ahead, I'll just shut up and get on with the day----but not before saying thank you to the very thoughtful friend who sent the items in the bottom photo. 

They're still on display downstairs but will definitely go into use on a daily basis next to the computer keyboard.  SO nice of you, as always!  I'll treasure the gift and the thought behind it. 

Happy Tuesday. Enjoy the photos.   

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