Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Evening Interludes

I think it's safe these days to say that this roadside image has become one of the iconic sights around our area.  Can't remember when it first started appearing on the concrete wall below the railroad bridge crossing over Pack River near Samuels. 

I do remember it evolving and that I liked it.  Graffiti kinda sends different messages, but its colorful, unique patterns are always eye-catching, especially when we see the images fly by on railway cars.

In this case, maybe an RR car dropped off the image and told it to stay put so it could attract the eye of anyone heading north on HWY 95.  

The graffiti overlooks a popular swimming, launching spot on Upper Pack River.  

I remember launching a canoe there years and years ago back in my early teaching days when a group of us paddled down to Northside School on a somewhat rainy day.

That experience taught me just how many meanderings the river offers and that what takes maybe 20 minutes by car will require more like six hours via canoe, give or take a beach stop or two. 

With the days heating up, this area's use will most likely increase dramatically.  Last night I encountered a lone swimmer and his two dogs.  

Of course, we visited, and I learned he's a fairly new resident, a professional photographer and a ham radio aficionado.  I saw some of his photos on a website and must say that his work is exquisite. 

After a brief barking-fest between his two canine buddies and my three dogs (who were waiting in the car --- with windows slightly open) we went our separate ways, or so I thought.  

Turns out he lived down the same road I had chosen to drive.  One more hi and a wave, and he was on his way; I, mine.  

The next encounter led to a quick stop near Grouse Creek where a portion of the McNall family and some friends were out on a mission to corral a 4-H steer prospect for Todd and Janice's daughter.  

They brought along panels for a makeshift corral and figured all the human bodies could convince the calf to go into the pen and then to the trailer. 

While there, I met Chris Larson who helps the Hawkins family with their cattle and who figures some big barn boots would work just fine while trudging through the dry field on a hot summer night. 

Had a nice visit and then headed on home. 

For once, Selle Road's busy traffic flow had diminished enough for me to stop on the road (I think that may have happened because of the detour connected with upgrading the Selle railway crossing).  

I have long wanted to take photos of the Clydesdales at the Parnell Ranch. Last night's situation provided that opportunity as I had plenty of time to visit with the deer and admire the beautiful horses on the beautiful ranch. 

Last night, like most every summer's eve, provided a mini adventure around the countryside, some good visiting, some fun photo opportunities and, during this week of inferno-type temps, a break from the heat. 

Turns out my wash-a-dog-a-day during the dog-day afternoons will have to wait today. Just Liam remains among the dirty dogs, and his bath will come tomorrow when we start approaching triple digits. 

Today is 4-H interview judging, and I'll have to take a break from dog washing to listen to inspiring stories of young 4-H'ers as they tell about this year's projects.  It's always a fun gig. 

Happy Wednesday.   

Wanta count bales or deer???

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