Saturday, August 05, 2017

Saturday Slightly Smokey

Several days of this, they said yesterday on KPBX-FM while giving the weather report, emphasizing an outlook of mostly smokey air.  We were driving to town for Friday night dinner at the time, occasionally commenting on just how red that sun in the Western sky was turning. 

Earlier we had gone for a short drive from Grouse Creek to Elmira.  Nary a photo was taken on that outing as a slight blue haze, occasionally seen through openings in the trees, eventually became an ever-present hovering of smoke. 

Twas truly the "blahs" all through that afternoon drive, where outside our truck was beastly hot, with virtually every aspect of the landscape covered with a thick layer of dust, while inside, the dogs, Bill and I enjoyed the comforts of air conditioning.  

It's obvious the earth around our area could use a good wash down, but I don't think we're going to see that for a while.  At least this morning, we've returned to the smokey haze, and we can at least see an outline of the mountains. 

On these August days, the morning hours are precious and to be used efficiently because when that heat takes over, most activity ceases.  I did take an early afternoon walk yesterday with a little sense of defiance toward the heat, but it sure did feel good to walk back into the comfort of the house where west curtains are drawn every afternoon.

For the usual Friday night family outing, we decided to try the new restaurant on HWY 95 next to North 40.  It's called the Farmhouse Kitchen.  We ended up sitting in the bar area, which has an open feel with its "industrial" motif.  

Turns out our usual seven at the table was six last night, as Willie was still in Boise after spending the week at a school-sponsored PTE (professional, technical education) conference.  He was supposed to be home Thursday, but flight cancellations due to weather conditions caused a change in his plans. 

Well, when dinner had ended, I do believe that all six of us were filled to the brim and happy we'd given the restaurant a try.  We had heard that the service was a bit slow, and maybe it was, but our gabfest kept us pretty occupied until the dinner plates arrived.

We all loved our fluffy biscuits which came with some of the meals.  Bill was raving about his twice-fried chicken and had to ask for a box.  Debbie and I had the breakfast for dinner, which included sausage, bacon, a perfect fried egg, tasty fried potatoes and that big biscuit. 

I have a feeling we'll go back again because Bill's second choice was the brisket, which we hear is very good. 

Today involves a little of this and a little of that, along enjoying the one-day break from the heat.  We actually have an 87 mixed in there with all those 90-pluses, which extend well into next week. 

Gotta get out there and enjoy the morning.  Beans are waiting. 

Happy Saturday.   

Gary Finney's Percherons, just up the road. 

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