Friday, August 04, 2017

The Heat Goes On . . .

Not a lot on my mind this Friday.  Just enjoying the summer morning and figuring on how much I can get accomplished before the sweat begins to drip from my brow. 

I'm also wondering where those cell-phone photos of one 'mater, six lovely cucumbers and a pan full of green beans went.  

I thought I sent them to myself last night so I could post them on my blog, showing yesterday's pickings.

They never showed up, so this morning I went downstair, picked up my cell phone and began sending them again. When I went to punch "Marianne Love" as the recipient, Mindy Cameron's name came up. 

Hmmm, I thought, maybe Mindy got the photos instead of Marianne. 

So, I wrote Mindy an email this morning and told her that if she had received photos of one tomato, a bunch of green beans and six cucumbers, there was no hidden meaning intended.  Then, I explained that I figured they went to her since her name came up on my cell phone. 

The second time I sent the photos, I made extra sure that they were, indeed, headed to Marianne Love.  

Well, once again, they have not arrived, so this morning there's a 'mater, a bunch of green beans and six lovely cucumbers apparently floating around in cyberspace, much like that time my mother took her ride to Outer Space in a milk separator bowl filled with potato chips. 

In Mother's case, it was one of her more colorful dreams.  

As for me, I have no explanation for the disappearance of my veggie photos, but I will tell you that pickin' in the garden was mighty good yesterday, and today it's looking like I'll have to get back to the blueberry patch before the sun starts beating down again.  

Once again, those bushes are loaded with oodles of ripe berries. 

At least the picture---taken last night of blueberries---did arrive at my computer, along with a few others taken while on an evening stroll around the yard. 

Our Liam pup was jumping to great heights last night to retrieve his Chuck-It ball.  I'm thinking it may have been his afternoon bath that gave him a bit more spring to his launch.  

As of yesterday, the series of dog-day afternoon baths ended, at least for this week.  All three dogs happily cooperated for their bathing sessions, and all three are looking and hopefully feeling a lot better. 

During those Dog-Day afternoons, Bill was enjoying the refreshing waters of the Coeur d'Alene River while staying at Avery Cabin.  

When he arrived home yesterday afternoon, he calculated that he had gone 48 hours straight without talking to one soul.  

Now, that's the ultimate getaway for a fly fisherman. 

As if he hadn't gotten enough casting experience this week, he's taking off again today at noon to fish---just for the afternoon and probably no solitude this time, as he's hosting a Utah angler who's married to one of my former students.  

On today's outing, they'll head for the Pack River.  Should be fun for both.

Well, that's about it on this August morning.  We're supposed to hit 93 today and then enjoy some relative coolness tomorrow when the high is projected at 87.  After that, the inferno returns for the next week.  

Good for the veggies, except those flying around in Cyberspace. 

Happy Friday.  If you receive my photos, let me know!

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