Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday Travels and TV Triumphs

When you take the dirt roads on evening drives, you get to see sights like that in the photo above.  This cute little, plump guy with the big horns is just one of several of his breed which can be seen in a big field belonging to my friend Sheri.  

She lives east of town, and her lovely farm can be seen along the highway. Nonetheless, traveling the back road along her farm provides a more upclose and personal look at just a portion of Sheri's menagerie.  

Seems like last time I talked with her she was raising mice, lots of them, too.

One never knows what to expect when Sheri gets to talking about her critters.  From the looks of her long-horned beauties, life on Sheri's farm is definitely animal heaven. 

After a day of attending to the usual morning chores, enjoying a pleasant horseback ride on Lefty and then two hours with a tech man who had come to give us an "upgrade," followed by a quick dinner with Bill, who was headed off to church, I loaded up the dogs and took off toward Trestle Creek.  

It was a good evening to be there because some interesting clouds were coming over the mountains and the views along the lakeshore were relatively clear.  

I realized last night that the days of taking drives and pictures after dinner are winding down quickly.  Dark was coming on fast as I spent a few minutes at the Trestle Creek recreation area. 

Then, it was back home to begin the process of figuring out my new TV remote and pray that I remembered enough of what Leif from Colorado had told me about how to use it. 

I experimented with it a while and then got serious about attempting to record an upcoming program.  You see, we here at the Love house, have been in the dark ages with our TV technology.  

My sisters and Willie and Debbie have been recording their favorite programs for years. As DirecTV customers out here for more than 11 years, we must have fallen through the seams when it came to letting us know that we were eligible for this upgrade that lets us record all those programs we've been missing for years cuz they come after 9 o'clock. 

I always hear wonderful reviews about "This Is Us," and there's a whole slew of programs after my bed time that I've been missing for years. 

Now that I know that both my brain and the remote synched successfully last night to record "America's Got Talent," which aired an hour later than usual, my mind is alive this morning with all the possibilities. 

Leif told me to wait until the new fall series shows start showing up on the guide before pushing the button (just once) that records the complete series. He told me that the national networks have some stations which appear in specific areas without local TV providers and that if I pushed the button for the whole series this early, something in the system might get confused.

So, I'll take Leif at his word.  He also showed me the button that will block certain programs of adult or "stupid" content not appropriate for children.  I told him my dogs don't watch much TV, and then he told me that he actually had Dog TV on his package and that his dogs love the programming. 

At this point, I think I'll forego the opportunity and just treat them occasionally with the commercials with all the Border Collies and, of course, the National Dog Show. 

This morning when I checked to see if my first-ever recording efforts worked, I clicked on the offerings and, by golly, "America's Got Talent" showed up.  

That means I won't have to beg Barbara, Laurie, Debbie or Willie to come over and teach old Dinglefritz how to operate the new remote. 

Speaking of the preview of my successful DirecTV recording efforts, I did get the final seconds of last night's multi-channel fundraiser for Hurricane victims, which brings me to some information I learned from a longtime friend who grew up in Sandpoint.  

Toni Lutzke Pursley and I share the Cedar Post bond, along with some oldtime St. Joseph's Catholic Church memories.  As parents and grandparents, Toni and her husband Ted (also a Sandpoint native) have experienced the frustration and losses associated with Hurricane Harvey.   

Their daughter lives in Houston.  Toni writes:  My middle daughter Heidi and her 2 boys, ages 12 and 14, are Hurricane Harvey survivors. They lost essentially everything except her car.  

Wondered if you could share with anyone who might like to support an individual specifically rather than donate through something like Red Cross. 

So, if you or a group you know want to help a specific cause involving a Sandpoint connection, visit the link above.  Thanks. 

Looks like we have another comfortable September day ahead.  Lovin' this cooler weather. 

Happy Wednesday. 

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