Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Twitterdeedum

We are back to enjoying enjoying the morning sunrises and seeing the Cabinet Mountains. This morning, the sight from across our road was especially beautiful.

I could not believe how energetic I felt ALL DAY yesterday, thanks to cooler temps, cleaner air and the opportunity to finally saddle up my Lily and go for a ride. 

In the morning, I walked around on trails in the woods, sawing off most of the remaining overhanging limbs that tend to attack when a person goes through on horseback.  Then, it was time to enjoy that effort. 

Lily was a bit lazy at first as we took off across the hay field where she grazes on pasture. Later, we moved on to the road.  On our trip north from a short trek to Selle Road, I could see a biker coming our way.  

Right in front of him, a coyote suddenly appeared and soon darted into Meserve's woods. I figured it might be the same coyote standing the hay field swale when I'd gone to catch Lily.  It stared at me a while and then headed through the fence into the Meserve Preserve.

As the biker approached, I asked if he'd seen the coyote.  

Yes, he had, and he noted it seemed rather unapologetic about being out on the road at that time of day.  He also told me he had seen as many as five at one time in a field up the road a few weeks ago. 

We both remarked about how common it's been to see them in broad daylight this time of the year.  He went on his way, and I went on mine, only to look up and see almost the same sight, minus the biker. 

Probably the same coyote had left Meserve's woods and continued it's itinerary up the road, but when it realized Lily and I were coming, decided to double back. 

Now, I must note that the coyote in the photo is not the same one seen three times yesterday.  This one was taking its time crossing the hay field this morning just after I let Lily out to pasture. 

I believe this is one we've seen around the neighborhood for the past couple of years. A year or so ago, I looked out an upstairs window to see it almost hobnobbing with Lily, seemingly without a care in the world. 

From a distance, I thought it was a dog out there in the field with Lily.  And, we've heard from other neighbors about the coyote that looks somewhat like a dog, and it's not too concerned about humans.  

Anyway, we see it from time to time, and it seems to take that same path from Meserve's through our hay field and on into the woods. 

It also appears to be very well fed. 

After plodding here and there for about an hour, Lily and I headed over to the big apple tree in the north lawn.  While she munched on some small apples, I had fun taking photos of her shadow.

Yesterday was, indeed, a lovely and productive day around here:  some of those gorgeous plums from photos below came off the tree and into a bucket.  Looks like I'll be picking for some time unless those pine squirrels change course and decide the red plum tree has tastier fruit than the purple plum tree. 

They also think the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder add a nice variety to their diet. 

Scroll down for some more news . . . . 

This is what is posted on the Facebook page and website:  https://idahodrafthorseshow.com/ :  North Idaho Draft Horse and Mule Association
We truly apologize for this, but this year's event in Sandpoint Idaho has to be cancelled. The smoke in the air and the quality of the air has created a hazardous environment for the animals as well as the spectators. 

We have met with Veterinarians and committee members and we feel that the safety of the horses and spectators would be jeopardized if we were to proceed. 

We will be putting plans in motion to make the show in 2018 bigger and better than ever. Again, we truly apologize for any inconvenience. 

We will be updating with information on purchased tickets and vendor information.


Meanwhile, some wise food for thought seen on our friend Erroll's Facebook wall.  We met Erroll in Chicago last year when he drove us to Midway Airport. This seemed like a good message to share. 

On a similar note, this is what the Pope tweeted this morning.    

 52 minutes ago

I encourage world leaders to set aside partisan and ideological interests and seek together the common good of all humanity.

223 replies 4,502 retweets 11,804 likes

Twould be nice if the leaders would follow the Pope's encouragement, which would, indeed, be very encouraging for humanity in general!

On that note, I'll leave you with this photo of a very cooperative grouse.  I was driving down a country road yesterday, and this bird seemed to be waiting by the side of the road, posing just for me.  

Not often that a grouse is so accommodating, as we hear them long before seeing them. 

Pretty birds!

Happy Tuesday. 

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