Saturday, January 20, 2018

Beauty in Low Places

Not a lot to share during this morning where a gray "lull" seems to prevail.  It's quiet both inside and out. 

It's still dark outside.  From what I can see, the mountains are fogged in.

Could be a really blah day, if stuff weren't on the schedule.

Nothing better than going to town to meet and greet some new faces to cast away the mundane. 

And, that's just what I plan to do.  

Later, I'll go to my sisters with a tub of Stouffer's lasagna as my contribution for tonight's ZAG party.  

The ZAGS will be coming off a disappointing defeat and taking on the Broncos from Santa Clara for the second time. 

Yesterday I made a discovery while walking down the lane and dodging fresh doggie piles. Half-melted sheets of ice form some pretty images in the midst of mud, dirty snow and doggie do. 

So, it was fun strolling along with my camera, finding some rather artistic scenes, thanks to the ice and warm temperatures. 

We do have to look hard for the beauty sometimes, but with persistence, we'll find it, often in abundance----even on the gloomiest days. 

It's always there, waiting for us.  We just need to look past the ugly stuff. 

Happy Saturday.  GO, ZAGS!!!


Ann said...

The ice encased leaf is probably the watercolor of the day!

Marian Wilson said...

What better theme for today than finding the beauty amidst all that is bleak? Gorgeous photos and it was a delight to meet you today! Marian Wilson

Marianne Love said...

And, the same from this end. I will be checking to see if you're on Facebook.