Saturday, January 13, 2018

Out and About in Snowy Times

This guy or gal provided one of the high points of my day yesterday, but it turned out to be somewhat sad.

While driving home from town, I pulled on to South Center Valley Road and could see something standing in the road near the Meserve Preserve.

At that point, I couldn't tell if it was a deer or a dog. As I moved closer, however, the outline of a dog became clearer.  Then, the animal moved a bit.

As the dog started looking more like a coyote (or, if I was lucky:  a wolf), I decided to go on past our driveway and see for sure.

Eventually, the coyote, turned around and ran across the road to Gary Finney's place.  As I moved closer, it stopped on a hillside and turned around to look at me.

I could not get over having more than enough time to stop, grab my camera, roll down the window and take a few photos. 

The coyote simply stood there calmly without much concern for my presence. 

Then, I decided to drive a little closer, in hopes of better photos.  That's when it turned around and started up the hill, and that's also when I could see why it was holding up its front leg.

The leg was broken, and, at that very moment, my heart almost broke, thinking about the poor thing having to deal with winter weather AND a broken leg.

Eventually, the coyote disappeared into the trees.  

Even though I'm long aware of all the realities involved with creatures in the wild, I still could not help but feel sorry for the coyote, wishing it could be tame long enough to get that leg treated so it could go about its life.

Heck, yes, one of my former students, Michelle, a veterinarian, takes in all kinds of uncommon patients, like squirrels.  The other day she even neutered a field mouse, which had been saved from a family's cat. 

Sure enough, she could take care of this coyote's leg, if only the coyote would submit to treatment. 

I doubt that would ever happen. 

Anyway, we may see more of the animal as the winter goes on.  I hope for the best but know life is gonna be pretty tough with that injury. 

I'm also wondering how a coyote could break its leg in the middle of the winter.  Bill suspected that maybe it got caught in a trap. 

Who knows?

It's a sight that will keep me wondering for some time. 

This is January.  Have I mentioned that?  We're almost approaching halfway, and I must say that January tendencies are rearing their ugly heads from time to time.

One must keep plotting out perks during the days to see that those pesky blahs don't take over.  

Of course, I know one who plotted out a trip to Hawaii this weekend as her preventive therapy.  

Yes, our daughter Annie, flew out from Seattle last night to spend a three-day weekend in Kauai.  Poor thing!

As I write, I'm sure she's snoozing away in Paradise.

So, she's guaranteed to make it to the second half of the month without suffering too many blues. 

This January stuff does take work, and, in comparison to the rest of the year, we have to seize on the simple perks to make our day.  

One day this week it was the new Mr. Coffee, which Bill purchased while on a trip to town.  We figure if we're lucky, it will last maybe a year.  For now, I'm enjoying my normal morning coffee and saving the Keurig variety for afternoons.

Our Mr. Coffee morgue in the garage. 
Might be time to take these dead pots to the Colburn Mall.
If we had bought a new Mr. Coffee in the middle of the summer, it would have been rather minuscule in the grand scheme of things.  

In January, it's big time. 

In other news, I saw yesterday that Paulette Jordan, who's running for governor of Idaho, will be in Sandpoint next Saturday at Trinity Restaurant from 9:30-11:30 for a get-acquainted.  

Now, that's a perk ranking up there a ways above having a new Mr. Coffee.  In fact, I'm sure getting acquainted with her will be nothing less than monumental. 

Looking forward to the gathering. 

And, of course, the twice-weekly perk for January and all the winter months, comes again today.  It's Game Day, and the ZAGS are taking on San Francisco tonight in the Don's gym. 

Game begins at 6:30 p.m. PST on ESPNU.  

GO, ZAGS!   Enjoy the photos. Happy Saturday. 


Word Tosser said...

I imagine that Annie will have quite a tale to tell about the scare of this am in Hawaii....... my cousin and his son just arrive at the same place as Annie.. and they spent an hour in a bathroom...waiting to see what was going to happen..

Marianne Love said...

I'll be talking about it on my blog. It was a few chilling and helpless moments Bill and I will never forget.

I hold two bullies responsible for what these people and their loved ones around the world had to endure.

The person who pushed the wrong button made a mistake, but the atmosphere we live in these days because of the bullies and their big mouths is far worse than the simple mistake.