Wednesday, January 10, 2018

PINK and Powerful: Celebrating Life and Basketball

Smiles, familiar faces and fast-paced basketball, accented by "all things pink," blended for a successful and upbeat athletic event at Sandpoint High School last night. 

The event featured a doubleheader with Sandpoint's Lady Bulldogs playing the Kellogg Wildcats in the opener and the Bulldog boys taking on Kellogg in the second game.   

Lady Bulldogs won, while the Wildcats defeated the Bulldog men's squad. 

A special "Wear Pink" theme brought out balloons, heart-shaped candies, colorful and informative posters and an abundance of reminders about the prevalence of breast cancer.  

Cancer survivors and cancer warriors and those affected by disease striking their families showed up with enthusiasm and education. 

The Celebrate Life organization, inspired by Jenny Jacobson Meyer, happily accepted generous contributions for its ongoing effort to provide meaningful and helpful support for families affected by cancer. 

Plus, a healthy dose of "old-home week" added to the fun.  The "Wear Pink" concept for last night's games drew its inspiration from Marilyn Ward, wife of Lady Bulldogs head coach Duane Ward.

For the past few months, she has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Marilyn, who delights in providing positive support for the Lady Bulldogs, received a showering of support from longtime high school friends, team coaches, parents, SHS staff and the players themselves. 

Plus, the activity provided some exceptional and fun photo ops with very willing subjects. 

Good job, Lady Bulldogs, hospital staff volunteers and all the folks who contributed to what appeared to be a highly successful first run for a positive and important event.  

I took this photo of Lulu "Laura," so she could wave "Hi" to Bill's sister Margaret, whom she met years ago when 13 females went on a road trip to Southern Idaho for a 4-H horse judging contest.

An eventful and memorable trip, indeed. 

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Margaret said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Marianne, Sending a big hello to Lulu (Laura), along with thanks to all for taking up the Wear Pink challenge! Cheers! Margaret