Thursday, January 11, 2018

Simply One Fine Day . . . .and Another

Im of early this mourning to go pronounce wurds four a speling bee.  

So, will keep today's post short.  This year, one of my retired sisters will be joining me and serving as a judge for the Farmin-Stidwell spelling bee.  

That would be Laurie, who will probably enjoy her assigned duties as well as a reunion with her former colleagues.

They were asking about her the other day when I went to the school to pick up the packet of official rules, regulations and words for this year's bee. 

It should be one fine day, getting to see all those winners from each class who will come to compete for a chance to participate in the district spelling bee. 

I'd say this day has already begun on a positive note, since the 2-12 inches of snow predicted for overnight and all day today must have decided to go fall on someone else. 

No complaints. 

Yesterday turned out to be a very fine day, as pretty much everything I did turned out okay, especially Bill's and my afternoon trip to Clark Fork and back.  

We saw blue sky.  We saw an eagle, some elk and a couple of deer. 

We also saw the sun, and, of course, we saw wonderful scenes along the lake and even on a snowy mountain road leading to Scotchman Peak. 

Twas a lovely drive, and, of course, it included a stop off at The Pantry where Bill picked up some mint chocolate ice cream and I purchased a "monster" cookie to go with my afternoon cup of coffee. 

Happily, we could mark one more "un-January" type day off from the calendar.  We have had a couple that fit the usual mode, but for the most part, the first third of my most hated month of the year has not been too bad.

And, to top it off, this Thursday should end on a high note, as the ZAGS are playing tonight in The Kennel.  

We hope it ends on a high note, anyway,  with another WCC victory against Portland.

GO, ZAGS!  6 p.m. PST -- KHQ/ROOT.  

Note:  Just two weeks from today we'll be saying "GO, ZAHGS!" in honor of our beloved Swiss Miss who will be coming to Sandpoint for a visit. 

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Anonymous said...

Interesting first sentence this morning..... makes ones teeth grind.