Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Forty Minutes of Fun

We did not go far during our 40-minute afternoon outing, but we came back smiling and fulfilled. 

I had just stepped into my sisters' house after a grooming session with CB. 

Within a couple of minutes, Barbara and Laurie found out from Northern Lights, Inc. crew members who had pulled into the driveway that their power would be off for half an hour while a power source modification was completed.

"Let's get in the car and go take pictures," I suggested.  It didn't take long for them to gather up their cameras so we could head out the door and toward my car.

Upper Pack River Road seemed like a good place to go for this short photo outing.  We drove up the road past our friend Nancy's place, all the time talking about March Madness. 

When we reached the bridge near where Edna and Buck's legendary tavern once stood, I parked.  We went separate directions in the bridge area and snapped photos. 

Later, we pulled just a ways up the road in front of Val Griggs' house, shot photos and enjoyed the view of the spectacular snow-capped Selkirks. 

On our way back, I told them some more good pictures would be coming up soon.  We pulled into the Samuels Store parking lot, got out and started taking photos of Walsh Lake and the Selkirks.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw something and then did a double take.  

Indeed, it WAS a toddler with just a diaper dancing in a snow pile with his dad watching and taking pictures with a cell phone.  

I asked if it was all right if I came over and took some photos and if I could post them on my blog. 

Dad answered with an enthusiastic yes. 

So, we walked over and met Mason, whom we were told had stepped in doggie do and then had found some mud, followed by the snow pile. 

The family from California was touring the area with possible plans of moving to Sandpoint. 

Little Mason was taking all the happenings in stride and not minding one bit as I snapped a few up close and personal photos of him and his newly acquired mud.

While we visited with Dad, Mason's mom cleaned him up and re-dressed him, so he was truly a handsome little dude when we said good bye and walked off. 

Dad's a plumber so if you know any firm wanting a new plumber, he would probably be interested in having a conversation. 

As we got in the car, we talked briefly to another traveler who had set up a temporary shop with his dog.  All three sisters guessed at the breed of the dog.

I rolled the window down and asked, "Is it Heeler?"

"Yes," the stranger said, adding that a male dog had crawled over the fence and had had a romantic visit with his Blue Heeler. 

"Is it Border Collie?" 


"Is it Australian Shepherd?"


"Great, we were all three correct," I told the dog's master.

"Might be a little coyote too," he said.

With that information, we said good bye and headed back to Barbara and Laurie's house where the Northern Lights crew had completed their job and had left.

Great little outing on a lovely March afternoon.  Wishing the California family and their adorable little Mason safe travels and much luck.   

Maybe we'll see you again sometime.

Happy Tuesday. 

What happens when you've GOT MUD and you're outside your car on a sunny afternoon in Samuels, Idaho, playing in a parking lot snow pile?

Some old lady with a camera comes running across the parking lot and starts taking pictures.

That's what happened to young Mason from California yesterday.

I don't know if he'll remember the incident, but I'm sure his parents will remind him over the years. 

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