Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Morning Minutiae

Harold Tibbs on the left and our mother Virginia on the right were married 64 years ago today in Thompson Falls, Montana. 

Also, in this photo are their friends, Fats and Ardis Racicot. 

Before Harold joined our family, he lived down North Boyer from us at the Racicot residence. 

Each year on this day, we three older Brown siblings remember how our lives changed for the good with Mother and Harold's marriage.

All four in the photo are long gone but certainly not the hundreds of memories associated with each. 

When it's the first day of Daylight Savings time and the sun is shining and "Selection Sunday" has come to an end, what better thing is there to do than drive out to Hope along the northern shore of Lake Pend Oreille and have a pizza at Icehouse Pizzeria.

Yup, Bill and I did just that late yesterday afternoon.  While admiring the beauty of the lake, we listened to pundits hash and rehash the selections. 

Seems most people are in agreement that there's a mystery as to why Oklahoma got in and Oklahoma State did not.  Twas especially a mystery when the chair of the selection committee said it was cuz they won some good games in December. 

Well, we always thought that teams were supposed to improve as the season wore on, not lose game after game after game---some even by 30-plus points. 

So sorry that St. Mary's did not get into the tournament.  They deserved a spot. 

Anyway, March Madness has officially begun, and we'll be excited to watch our brother's favorite team Montana play Michigan and then the ZAGS right afterward on Thursday morning. 

Should be fun, as should be this beautiful Monday.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Again, thanks for your patience with my tardiness in posting this morning. 

Old Ice House Pizzeria owner Teresa Stevens and her staff bake up some great thin crust pizzas among other things.  The beer on tap is mighty good too. 

And, there's no better view around!


Good luck at the DANCE!

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