Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"It's Our Idaho" ---Paulette Jordan

I'm still recovering.  For me and for many others who chose to get involved, yesterday's Idaho election primary results were disappointing on a number of fronts, especially the local level. 

Some candidates I supported did not win. 

Whenever we stick our necks out and take a stand by putting our energy behind candidates and issues which we believe represent the common good, only to see them soundly defeated, it makes for a rough start to any day after an election.

Yes, it was difficult for me early this morning to see silver linings in yesterday's primary results, but after spending some time reflecting AND after watching just a portion of Idaho Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan's victory speech last night in Boise, I'm feeling better. 

I could not vote for Paulette because of Idaho's closed primary and the need to vote for local candidates, but I have enthusiastically stood with her from the beginning.

Through the processing of my extreme disappointment in most local election results, I find the silver lining glistening, thanks to her victory.

Hearing from my niece Laura, who works for the Coeur d'Alene Tribe of which Paulette is a member, I find more reasons to smile and to hope for our Idaho future.  

You see Laura's children----the famed triplets---and their sidekick Jade, who rounds out the gang as the "quadruplet," personally know Paulette through their tribal connections.

These kids are very excited this morning because they actually know someone of fame and a famous someone who also possesses special qualities needed for leadership----charisma, intellect, eloquence, history and a bold and sensible vision for our state.  

So, that is a good thing, and after listening to Paulette speak last night, I'm more excited than ever for her prospects as she moves on toward the general election. 

It's nice to be able to focus on the bright spots in the midst of extreme disappointment, and it's nice each morning to remember through visual experiences captured from the day before that IT truly IS OUR IDAHO. 

Idaho may not be perfect, but when we can still get up in the morning and let our eyes focus on all the natural beauty of our state, we can tuck away the disappointment and move on. 

Hats off to all the candidates with the courage to put themselves out there to endure the skewering, the intimidation, the insults and vicious attacks on their character, their personal achievements and their beliefs.

It ain't easy being a politician these days, and when you're on the losing end---if you fought the good fight without sacrificing your principles and your integrity---you remain even bigger heroes in my eyes and in the eyes of all who supported you. 

Thank you for your courage and best of luck to each of you as you put the ugliness that goes along with modern campaigns behind you.  

You're good folks!  Hold your heads up high. Enjoy your private lives. The sun will keep shining. 

I personally will move on quietly but enthusiastically supporting Paulette Jordan for governor and hoping that in the general election she does not fall victim to the mean spiritedness that dominates American politics from the national level clear down our local entities. 

Paulette Jordan is a strong woman with a unique, historical and refreshing sense of what's important here in this state. 

Most importantly, she knows "it's our Idaho." 

And, if all goes well, her efforts will inspire those kids I know down in Plummer and who are very proud to know the woman who could possibly add to her deep sense of Idaho history by becoming the first woman and the first Native American governor of our beautiful state.

Happy Wednesday. 


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