Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Reflections, Elections and Pretty Posies

I knew Jim Borden as a soft-spoken, brilliant high school English student, Cedar Post editor, highly respected professional journalist and as a friend. 

Jim, president of the Sandpoint High School Class of 1975, left this earthly world yesterday---much too soon. 


 "No words,"  one family member said last night, reflecting the universal reaction to the news from Jim's admirers across the country where he left his mark as a journalist, friend and "good dad." 

We'll miss you, Jim. You did well. 

And, if there's such a place as Cedar Post Heaven, we, of the Cedar Post tribe, know that yours and our mentor, the much beloved Bob Hamilton, has welcomed you at the gate, probably with a story assignment. 


In other news, yesterday was flower-basket day.  Twasn't just the pretty flowers that made the day; the drive out to my friend Kari's on Wrenco Loop west of Sandpoint on a glorious afternoon helped too. 

Green fields contrasted with occasional views of snow-capped mountains, along with numerous splashes of spring blossoms---can't beat that.  Plus, there's some charming history along the roadside out that way.

I enjoyed my quick getaway from the busYness here at home, and, as expected, the minute I drove back into the driveway, three dogs met me, and Lily stood at the fence, announcing her need to get to pasture NOW for the afternoon grazing.

This morning my front deck is thriving with the addition of the baskets to all the other baby annuals.  It's always fun to add this grand finale to the flower show out front, and I must say that this year's baskets are especially pretty with attractive daisies setting off the petunias. 

Today will probably surpass yesterday in the "pretty" department; plus, it's gonna be warm, beyond 80.

It's also voting day in Idaho, and that is good for a variety of reasons.  

The landline phone should stop ringing, and I'll get a break from having to go unplug the phone when long-winded politicians take up all my answering machine time.

Bringing in the snail mail should be a much improved experience after today cuz all those glossy, full-colored, bulky mailers---which I immediate trash---will quit coming for a while. 

And, for those of us who love the beautiful North Idaho spring, I hope all the candidates waste no time removing their signs from the landscape. 

Seems to me that getting elected is much more effective for folks who talk directly to people instead of littering up their constituents' lives. 

And, yes, my solitary "Mike Boeck for Idaho Representative District 1A" sign out in front of the rosebush at the end of the driveway will come down today. 

Bill and I will be voting this morning.  We could say it's to avoid the rush, but there are usually a whole lot of other retirees showing up at the Northside Baptist Fellowship Church for exactly the same reason. 

In my case, I just like the feeling of doing my civic duty first thing in the morning and then going about my business as we await the results. 

Happy Tuesday.  Good luck with your candidates. 


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