Monday, May 14, 2018

Reflections from a Beautiful Day

It was a lovely Mother's Day.

The day turned out to be segmented with time spent with Terra and Lefty, a drive and hike spent with Bill and Kiwi and a relaxing evening spent eating spaghetti, cooked in the Young Love kitchen, with Willie and Debbie, knowing that Annie was there in spirit.

Today I'll plant the beautiful rose bush from Annie and find the perfect place for the bird "saloon" from Willie and Debbie. 

Can't wait to see which winged visitors come to the imbibe on sunflower seeds at the saloon.  Could be a squirrel or two also. 

After viewing Facebook this morning, I see that the day was especially meaningful to many.  

It's a day filled with a wide range of emotions, depending on individual situations.  A certain amount of reflection, occasional moments of nostalgia and a whole lot of appreciation make up the day.  

I thank my children and my hubby for their thoughtfulness extended toward Mom Love yesterday.  

I am both grateful and humbled to be called Mom AND proud. 

Enjoy the photos with one disclaimer:  Snow Falls near Bonners Ferry is truly magnificent this time of year, so magnificent, in fact, that it's virtually impossible to capture a photo from the viewing area.  

Instead, visitors can enjoy a very generous cool and refreshing spray and a lovely hike in and out of the falls. 

Happy Monday. 

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