Sunday, July 22, 2018

One Full Day

Twas a day filled with a whole of "hurry up and wait." 

Still, those moments were pleasantly peppered with just as many precious memories. 

With any horse show, there's always the urge to get to the venue with plenty of time, lest some unknown situation, not listed on "the plan" suddenly occurs.

Well, yesterday no unknowns, no urgencies---just a laid-back morning where thoughts of being called to a class around 9:30 came and went.  

Twas noon hour when Terra finally entered her showmanship class.  So, we all enjoyed plenty of time for little visits with friends and for helping our respective exhibitors hone their skills prior to competing. 

Then, it was nearly 2 p.m. when we finally picked up the assortment of chairs, brushes, buckets, etc. and loaded Lefty up for the ride home.  Terra and Lefty did their very best at showmanship and trail class.  

The latter is a totally new adventure for Terra and Lefty, and the latter takes a lot of intricate skills and practice. Terra was willing to give trail class a try, probably cuz she enjoys working through a challenge.

And, that it definitely was.   

We don't know the results, but she and Lefty did their best, and I have a feeling she may want to keep working at mastering those obstacles. 

In the morning before going to the horse show, I had heard that my friend and classmate Maurine was in town for their family reunion.  As the horse show stretched on much longer than expected, I doubted that I could touch base with her. 

Well, it turned out that our short visit did work out.  I also saw many Marks family members that I knew and met several for the first time.  

It was downright gorgelious out there at Trestle Creek with Lake Pend Oreille waves pounding the shoreline and all sorts of folks enjoying their summer fun. 

Later, Bill and I met at the Ice House pizza for pizza and those tasty ice cream cones.  He went his way to do some fishing at Lightning Creek, and I headed home to do evening chores and watering. 

Today, the horse show starts all over again.  We have just one class to worry about, and, of course, everyone's wondering if there'll be more hurry up and wait.  

One can't assume, so I'll finish this up, get out there, load up Lefty.  I'll be perfectly happy to have another smooth day at the horse show, even if it does take longer than usual.  

Happy Sunday.    

A proud mom helping her daughter with last-minute prepping. 

A portion of Terra and Lefty's "village" of mentors:  my sister Laurie and 4-H leader Krissy Peck. 

Yes, Bill actually came to a horse show without being asked and without Willie and Annie showing.  I guess he kinda enjoys Terra, and, of course, he's gotta watch Lefty.  Bill is visiting with sister Laurie and our neighbor Steve Wood. 

Terra practicing showmanship skills for the judge. 

Linda Marks, my classmate and friend Maurine and her hubby Carl. 

She's a proud mom any day, but yesterday Michelle Dorman was especially proud when her daughter Lucy won her showmanship class.  

Classmates, friends and horse lovers, oh my!

Years ago, Maurine's dad used to come with his combine and harvest our dad's grain crops. 

Terra and her family:  Trent, Tricia and Boston.  I caught Lefty closing his eyes.  Oh well!

One fine man, Mr. Rod Berget, with his daughter Taylor.

They may have been hurrying up and waiting!

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