Monday, August 08, 2011

Fun times

~~~Walk-Trot Ladies~~~

Someone accused us of regressing yesterday---longtime horsewomen riding in the walk-trot class.

We all had our reasons.

Angela, on the left, hadn't ridden in a horse show in over a decade, and she was riding a young horse.

Laurie, my younger sister on the left, was riding her horse Scout in his very first class.

As for me, in the middle, I pled: OLD.

I doubt there were too many participants at yesterday's show who've seen as many calendars turn over as I.

Lily was a good girl yesterday; we brought home a pretty lime-green bucket for first place.

Mr. Scout and Laurie took a third, and Angela and her mount took fifth.

I think we all had a great time in that class. 

My sister Barbara won several classes with her Dusty, so she had a great day too. 

The weekend was fun throughout and busy.  Last night we all gathered at Barbara and Laurie's for dinner and dessert and enjoying little ladies from Wyoming.  
Lots of fun in store for the upcoming week as more company comes, and we help Mother celebrate her 90th birthday.

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