Sunday, August 07, 2011

Weekend Wedding Visitors

Thanks to a wedding just down the road at the beautiful Selle Grange yesterday, Bill and I enjoyed a wonderful visit from this former student and my former principal, along with their family members.

Kelli Keough and her dad Tom were here for the wedding of a nephew and grandson, whose parents are Mike and Sen. Shawn Keough.

Tom served as SHS principal in the early 1980s, and during that time he sat through a session of my crying my eyes out one morning after I'd gone two school nights without a drop of sleep.

Tom was very understanding and we worked out the situation, agreeing that maybe I had too many irons in the fire at the time. We all have those moments in life, and Tom helped me through that one.

He also displayed a wonderful sense of humor the day Pam Eimers, Jean Ann Shari and I backed into his office with our noses taped up.

Of course, that attempt to fool Tom turned out that the joke was on me cuz my "dear" friends in crime had removed their tape before we turned around to greet our principal. 

Later, Kelli sat in my sophomore English class and did a whole lot more than sitting. To say she was engaged would be an understatement. Kelli later graduated from Yale and earned her doctorate at Stanford. 

She remains just as enthusiastic these days as a mother of two impressive and nice children, wife of a talented photographer and devoted husband/father. 

It was a proud moment all of us who know her two years ago when Kelli presided over the NASDAQ closing bell ceremonies, representing the Charles Schwab where she's vice president of Investor Services.  

Yesterday's visit included visits with the horses, a walk through the woods for Tom, Barbara, Kelli, Tony, Jay and Grace, finalized by the all-important Lodgepole Society induction.

Now, Kelli can add another impressive association to her resume!

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit which included talks of the good old times at the Bonner County Fair, where Tom participated a 4-H sheep leader from Priest River and his kids sold fat stock.  His daughter Janet's steer sale ranked for years as one of the most memorable and highest bids at the local 4-H sale. 

Well, there's a horse to wash and another Bonner County fair activity to attend.  I don't expect anything to happen in the historic proportions of Janet Keough's steer sale, but it should be a fun day with Lily and the family. 
Happy Sunday.

Special Note:  No worries for those who may have concerns for Kelli with the neck brace.  She's recovering from surgery, and all will be well soon.

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