Sunday, December 20, 2015

Selle Snow Cover-ups, Et. Al.

It's truly a magical phenomenon what a coating of fresh snow can do.  And, that's not only for outside appearances but also for the inner souls of us beholders of beauty.  

Those artistic snow cover-ups always seem to take our eye, and if we happen to have a camera, we take their picture as we marvel at each day's offering of beautiful images throughout the landscape. 

Sometimes humans do contribute their touch or handiwork to the overall image, but it's that snowy backdrop that adds the alluring and lovely flair. 

Of course, when one is lucky enough to live in beautiful Selle, the smorgasboard of delightful imagery on any given day can soothe the soul.

That's how it's been for the past couple of days our here in our little piece of wintry heaven, and I have a feeling that's how it's gonna be over the next week as more and more snow is predicted to fall.  

Yes, we shall have a white Christmas this year, and those of us who love photography will probably be clicking our cameras more often than ever.  At least, that's what my sisters, my husband, my daughter, my brother, whoever else shows up and I plan to do as often as possible during this festive time of year. 

In the meantime, my morning agenda involves those last-minute tidying chores while Bill drives to Spokane to pick up Annie who is, as I type, probably close to boarding her Alaska flight from Seattle.  

At the same time, Willie, Debbie and the grandpups will be on the road after an overnight in Pendleton, Ore., which came after a basketball game in Spokane last night where the Sandpoint girls pulled off a nice victory.  

Good gift for the girls and their coaches as they take the next week off to enjoy their families. 

Maybe we'll be cheering over another victory in this household today after enjoying last night's ZAGS win over Tennessee.  

Both Bill and I agree this morning that the ZAGS experienced some growth and figured it out last night----how to regain themselves in the face of adversity.  

Again, with young people, whenever they overcome tough times, it toughens them up for better times ahead.  That's what we see with the ZAGS, and I'm sure it's very gratifying to their coaching staff, their true fans and to themselves.  Yay, ZAGS!  We're proud of you. 

This afternoon, we'll be pulling for a Seahawks victory over Cleveland---again another wonderful example of a team that has dealt with adversity and overcome it with style and great success.  Keep it up, Seahawks. 

You may guess I'm feeling pretty festive today----especially as I look forward to Annie coming in the door and meeting Liam for the first time.  I've also been telling Foster for the past few days that Annie's coming home; his ears perk up every time as Annie is his No. 1 peep, even over Mom Love. 

On this day, I'm also feeling grateful, as I have on every Dec. 20 for the past 31 years---one never forgets when a community opens up its loving arms to wrap around one's family after a tragedy.  We had that happen Dec. 20, 1984, and during the days after when our house burned down.  

I'll never forget the family, friends and strangers who did so much in so many ways to help us put our lives back together.  

On this day, I hope that same spirit is directed toward some longtime friends and former colleagues, the Millers, who have suffered an heart-breaking loss this past week. 

Our hearts and our minds are sending the very best to this family as they deal with the loss of their beloved daughter, sister, cousin, niece, etc. 

On this day of remembering our personal monumental loss all those years ago---when the Millers were among the many angels in our lives back in 1984---I send all our love to Nancy, Bill, Steve and to the rest of the family.  

May you take comfort in the love this entire community is sending and will continue to send your way. 

Happy Sunday to all.  

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