Thursday, June 14, 2018

Return to Trail Creek

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Bill and I drove up the Trail Creek Road near Naples and went for a hike. 

Yesterday, I returned again with my sister Barbara. I was pretty sure she had never been up that road, so I figured she'd enjoy the opportunity to put her camera to work in a new setting. 

It's apparent from looking at the photos on her Facebook page that she certainly did enjoy our drive, which was interrupted with several stops for taking pictures. 

Barbara has several lovely close-up shots of roadside wildflowers and shrubs and cold, clear water flowing over shiny boulders and moss in Trail Creek.  

The road also offers a few spectacular views of the Selkirk Mountains, including Roman Nose and Chimney Rock, which are always easy to recognize from pretty much any perspective or distance. 

Another prominent feature along the road is the series of beaver ponds with old snags, submerged logs and a variety of fauna.  

One of these days we even may drive along that area to see a moose, but so far, all I recall are a pair of mallard ducks which Bill and I saw a couple of weeks ago. 

Whenever my sisters and I go on photo outings, we usually do our best to shoot different perspectives of the surroundings, especially because we have different lenses with different capabilities.

For me, it's an additional treat to see what others are seeing through their eyes and camera lenses any time we spend some time in the great outdoors and back country.  

Plus, it's fun to be with folks experiencing an area for the very first time. 

We drove yesterday to a large opening equipped with sturdy metal horse corrals, a spotless outdoor privy and a sign warning visitors that this is bear country, along with other guidance regarding fishing, etc. 

Yesterday I walked down a pathway and discovered for the first time that the place has at least three nicely developed camping sights, probably used most often by horseback riders passing through the area or using the site as a base camp for taking a different trail each day. 

Our drive took only a couple of hours, but, as always it was an enjoyable experience which reaped a variety of images to show off and to help us remember a nice afternoon experience. 

Happy Flag Day.  Happy Birthday to my brother Mike and my dear friend Pat AND Happy Thursday to all. 

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