Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday-Morning Mutterings

It's a quiet Sunday morning around here with the mountains to the west looking a bit socked in.  Maybe we have more snow coming; maybe not. 

We're starting that last week of February, with days getting longer and thoughts of spring launching the eternal hope that daily life will soon be busy with too much to do and not enough time.

Somehow we've weathered this winter without a lot of complaining and more than usual awe. 

Basketball ended yesterday for Willie, at least for a while.  Basketball never ends for him; just like horse activities and thinking never really end for my sisters.  

Dedication and passion tend to do that to people. I'm sure Willie's already looking ahead to next season.   

Though his team met with a disappointing loss in their last game at the State Tournament, they still brought home a beautiful trophy signifying that they are good people in the eyes of those who saw them in action this past week. 

State Sportsmanship Plaque!

How neat is that???

To loosely paraphrase a famous line from legendary sportswriter Grantland Rice:  it's not whether you win or lose; it's how you play the game on the court and in life. 

I think this year's Sandpoint High School girls varsity may exemplified that very idea.  

They played well, they played hard, they did their best AND they left a positive mark on those who met them in Meridian.  

Congratulations, Bulldogs and coaches. 

You won this year, and your community is proud of you. 

In other news, my flats of potting soil are becoming dotted with little green baby plants.  Yesterday's intense sunshine coming through the sliding-glass door sent a big boost to the process of leaving the seeds and springing out of the soil. 

I also planted a pot of lavender, which I've grown to love more each year.  

So, I'm hoping to place the new plants at strategic places around the yard in hopes of a future of occasionally inhaling that lovely fragrance while driving by on the lawnmower.

Yesterday Bill also took the chainsaw to the north lawn to cut decaying boards from one of my homemade lawn planters. 

It had hit the point of no return, so now the boards and posts are gone from a long rectangle of dirt, which supports some wild roses, oregano and lemon basil. 

A mystery awaits:  will the rectangular plot stay upright or will it collapse when the soil thaws.  

I'll deal with that when the time comes, but for now, it's nice to have the sad-looking boards gone. 

Yup, it might be late February, but the dreaming and scheming of spring projects has begun.  We just have to exercise patience because we know it's still a LONG way off. 

Simon Smith from Yoke's, a nice personal shopper who has been good to the lady with the finicky cat called Festus.  

Weather Forecast:  Sunday…Snow likely, possibly mixed with rain below 3000 feet across Bonner County in the afternoon.

 Snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches below 4000 feet with 3 to 6 inches possible above 4000 feet. 

 Highs in the mid 30s to lower 40s with mid 20s around 6000 feet. South to southwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to 30 mph in the afternoon. 

 Ridge top winds southwest 15 to 30 mph with gusts to 40 mph in the afternoon.


After he placed my groceries in the back of the Subaru, I asked Simon from Yoke's to pose for a photo.  

Yesterday marked what I believe will be my last day of using the wonderful curbside service offered at my favorite grocery store. 

Having received both Covid vaccinations, along with waiting the suggested two weeks for the vaccine to fully kick in, I have decided to ease myself back into a somewhat normal life---with great care, of course.

That includes returning to the grocery store and actually going inside to shop.

I told Simon yesterday that this service, which has been offered by most local grocery stores, has alleviated SO MUCH stress over the past 11 months, for me and for all who have done their best to play it safe in avoiding Covid.

I feel spoiled, knowing that I can sit at my computer and within five or ten minutes, punch in a list of weekly groceries, wait a few hours and then go park in the designated spot and send a text. 

"Will be right out," soon appears on my screen and within a minute or so, I hear the cart clanging as the shopper pushes it out the store door.  

Every single staff member who has brought my groceries over these many months has been friendly, courteous and downright personable. 

This has been especially neat because of the lack of human contact outside my bubble for nearly a year. 

Those short conversations, which have included learning a little about each individual have made my day every week. 

Thank you, Yoke's for providing the service, and a deepfelt thanks to each and every personal shopper. 

Yesterday, while talking to Simon, I also learned that he has a side passion, which provides another service.  

Simon has his own online weather site, where he provides forecasts for Bonner and Boundary County.

I found it this morning and upon scanning the site learned from his biography that he has an extensive background in weather patterns dating to his days spent in Northern California and later in Northwest Montana. 

So,  if you're a weather aficionado or if you just want to know what's coming over the mountains tomorrow, check out Simon's site.  

You'll see the link above 

As usual, yesterday's visit with Simon at Yoke's proves that it's always fun when a few questions of interest lead to some fascinating information. 

Happy Sunday. 

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