Friday, May 14, 2021

Light Returneth to Our Lives


I wanted to document the day:  for vaccinated Americans, it's okay to go almost any place, inside or out; crowded or not,  without a mask.  

We heard that announcement yesterday, May 13, 2021, nearly 15 months after the Pandemic shut down several major aspects of our lives.

 We are thrilled. 

My collection of masks----some crafted by my sister-in-law Joyce; others, representing entities----will stay within reach. 

I view these cloth protectors as saviors, definitely keepers and maybe even some day as heirlooms. 

They also have symbolized some of the ugliness that often arises from unfortunate historical events. 

Like the flag, masks have inspired different messages to different groups of people. 

I personally have viewed the wearing of masks since last March as reasonable, responsible and comforting with absolutely no regrets. 

Others have viewed them more as insidious weapons, threatening their liberties. 

No amount of reasoning or persuasion has changed most of these people's views. 

Likewise, the burn-the-masks demonstrations, the endless complaining, the defiance toward a simple safety measure for my health and the health of others has never changed my opinion---not one iota. 

Now, new guidance from trusted experts suggests that those of us who have followed mask suggestions  and those of us who are vaccinated can resume most of our normal business and enjoyment mask free!

The experts also suggest that the unvaccinated still wear masks until they are vaccinated and have waited two weeks for the full vaccination effect. 

Will this happen?  

Probably to some degree; probably not in a lot of cases.  

Time will tell what consequences all of these personal decisions bring. 

That's kinda how it's been with this Pandemic.

 It's been a learning curve since Day One, and just because someone with expertise suggested something one week into the Pandemic and then changed that suggestion, we need to remember that life in general operates exactly the same way.

The more knowledge we gain, the more flexible with our choices we tend to be. After all, we are humans and some wise soul, a long time ago, came up with the statement "To err is human."  

Anyone who cannot accept or fess up to mistakes has a few more things to learn about humanity. 

For now, my mask collection will go on hiatus.  

I'll put them in a spot where they can be easily found, just in case, down the road, we find a need for them again. 

Bill and I do know for sure that we'll keep our masks for the rewards that may come in the near future with air travel and visiting places outside the United States. 

Wearing those masks and getting those vaccinations has restored that confidence for us. 

Thanks to all in the mask army----makers and wearers---and to all whose wisdom and professionalism brought us to this place. 

So, with caution, let the fun begin. 

Free at last and feeling confident about the small sacrifices made to gain that freedom. 

Overall, twas a nice ending to a positively uplifting and historical day. 

Happy Friday. 

Bill, Foster and I took a short hike during the golden hour last night. 

We drove to the Sunnyside fish and game public access property and walked the trails. 

Every step of the way provided scenes of pure and magnificent beauty. 

And, about every ten steps of the way, Foster left his mark.  We wondered if his supply would ever run out. 

Not last night. 

We also met Grace and Carter, who had tested the lake water.

It was cold, they said. 

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