Thursday, November 25, 2021

On Turkey Day . . . .


Appreciate your blessings.

Stay warm.

Don't fight.


Kick back.

Eat well.  

Take a nap. 

Watch a Hallmark movie.

Help with with cleanup.

Thank the cook.


Take another nap.

Watch a football game.

Graze from the relish tray. 

Enjoy the day.

Get outdoors.

Enjoy nature.  

Treat your animals. 

Treat your animals and your family well. 


Reflect on past Thanksgivings with your family. 


Have sweet dreams. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

Strive to do all of the above every day. 

This classic by Dolly Parton seems appropriate on this day of thanks. 

What an shining example of gratitude this talented lady provides for us! 


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