Friday, November 26, 2021

Leftovers, Pups, Loaves and ZAGS, Et. Al.

". . . a fan of a post-Thanksgiving quasi hibernation in slippers and sweats, orbiting the kitchen, where leftovers beckon."

                                                                                       ---Melissa Kirch, NYT

Like most everyone who gathered for Thanksgiving, we (Barbara, Laurie, Bill and I) felt really thankful to be able to get together at Willie and Debbie's home last night. 

We enjoyed a lovely dinner, some fun with an active little kitty named Pepper, great visiting and even some exercise for Bill on their Nordic track bike. He rode for a while at Venice Beach. 

So great to be able to do this again. 

I saw the story below in today's Daily Bee and wanted to share it for local bread bakers who might want to participate in this wonderful project benefitting the local food bank.

I took this photo yesterday morning from our upstairs bathroom window when a little blue sky, illuminating a portion of Schweitzer Ski Area, appeared from behind the clouds.

Good luck to the Schweitzer staff and visitors, as another year at the ski resort begins. 


So many things on plates on this day.  We'll be getting together back at Willie and Debbie's house for leftovers and to cheer on the No. 1 ZAGS as they take on No. 5 Duke in a big, big game. 

7:30 p.m. PST on ESPN

I also enthusiastically encourage you to read the heart-warming, poignant piece about ZAG Julian Strawther in the link below. 

Beautifully told, and if you didn't already love Julian, you will after reading his story.

And, finally the first of many Bridie albums to come. Her big brothers, Liam and Foster, are bonding with her more each day. 

Hope you enjoy. 

She's a keeper!

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