Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thursday This, That and TBT


It's been a "pick-up clutter" week around here, and, happily, with a little project completed every day, the house and the garage are feeling much roomier.

I kinda like these projects because I find things long forgotten. One item was a pain balm from Southeast Asia, given to me by Swiss Miss on one of her visits a few years ago when she was living in Malaysia.  

Since this is "arthritis returns for the winter" time, I'm planning to spend some time figuring out how to use the balm.  After months of no pain, my knees have been screaming a lot lately, pretty much with every step I take. 

So, maybe this balm, if used correctly, will get them to shut up for a while.

In between projects, I spent time outside, enjoying all the critters having their fun.  

Seems like the population is growing with the arrival of the town squirrel family and various sizes of woodpeckers. 

They have apparently picked the Lovestead as their winter quarters, which means a lot of competition at the bird feeders.  

Bill and I have figured out that the squirrel family includes at least four members---mama and three babies.  They all come to the feeders at the same time, and if there's not enough room at one, a baby will scamper around the house to the other. 

Fun watching them, but they sure do eat a lot.  Bill suggested the other day that Stan Meserve probably thought his town squirrels were cute at first, but when the numbers kept increasing, he decided enough was enough. 

To put it mildly, Stan was not a town squirrel lover. 

We still think they're cute, even with the numbers, but the bird seed bill could go up this winter. 

I kinda don't mind because the menagerie of two-legged and four-legged seasonal residents fits right in the ZAGS category for us:  their antics help us through the winter.

Bill's going to a ZAGS women's game tonight in Spokane while Willie opens his girls season at Lake City.  Wishing him the best of luck as he takes this year's young team into action.  


Today also might be pick-up-pig day, which will mean a trip to Bonners Ferry.  

Lots of stuff going on for us this week, and, happily, the busYness is not only fun but it sure makes November fly by a lot faster.

Happy Thursday.  


Thursday Throwbacks . . . . 

Festus, a while back.  Now 18 and still going strong.

Liam usually guards horses, but he has had some other herding experience in his five years. 

Willie posted this photo in Twitter this morning, adding that his squad's uniforms will look a little different when they take on Lake City tonight. Also, apostrophe goes after the "s." 

BTW:  Coach Love has been a Sandpoint Bulldogs supporter pretty much his whole life.  That's little sis Annie with him in the good ol' days. 

Who ARE these peeps???

Since we're into this week's local sports, here's a classic.

Yes, that old Ford tractor up above is a classic which belonged to our dad.  Bill bought it several years ago, and we still have it.  The tractor needs some work on its gas tank but is as pretty as ever. 

Now, for the bottom photo, which was taken in our Love living room when we lived on Great Northern Road. 

At the time, the Knowles family of John, Janice, Kelly and Ryan lived across from my parents on North Boyer Road. 

Occasionally, over those years, there would be visits with family members who walked across a couple of farm fields to get to one house or the other. 

And, the kids, including Willie's friend and classmate Joel, would get together quite often for birthday parties or just to play. 

Fast forward to this week.  

Tonight Willie begins a new season as head coach for the Sandpoint High girls basketball team, while tomorrow night Ryan Knowles takes his Bulldog football team to the Kibbie Dome to play for the state championship. 

Pretty neat story for those little boys from the old 'hood.  

Good luck to all! We are proud of you!


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