Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Bits and Pieces

After walking through tall wet grass sniffing, over pine needles sniffing and through the yard sniffing, Bridie seemed to really enjoy sniffing this flower pot this morning. 

All that sniffing tells Bridie that creatures have been through the area during the night. 

It also leads her to delectable treats, left by those creatures as they pass through.

If she'd just stick with sniffing the flowers, that would be okay with me. 

When you can look at a picture of someone's meal who's several thousand miles away across the Atlantic Ocean and know precisely where they are dining, that says a lot for the consistency of the restaurant.

"Is that at PF McArthy's?" I texted to Marcia Pilgeram earlier this morning. 

"Sharp eye," she responded. 

Yes, I recognized those potato cakes swimming in a pool of steak chunks in a peppercorn gravy. 

And, yes, that dish is among the tastiest treats I've ever experienced.  

Marcia is taking her second group of travelers to neat places in Ireland, and I can vouch for the fact that they made a good choice to dine at PF McArthy's in Kenmare, Ireland. 

The best!  

Can't wait to have a potato cake or two in a few weeks. 

The view through the bathroom window earlier this morning was obstructed by a few raindrops, but it was still pretty with the storm clouds lifting from overnight rain and the fields looking greener than ever. 

On the other hand, the barnyard mud received more sustainment than needed. 

And, my pant legs are wet about four inches up from the cuff.  

Twould be nice if we'd have a little more sun to help things grow, to avoid muddy boots and to have dry pant legs when I come back to the house. 


Above and below: just some critters I saw while taking my brief afternoon drive yesterday.  These live off from Selkirk Road where the landscape is prettying up.  

One more day on the solar panel pasture for the horses. I moved some posts this morning so they'll have a little more tall grass to nibble on today. 

This has been a good starter pasture for them, lasting almost two weeks.  With its size, I'm quite pleased with the neat grooming job they've done. 

After today, the pasture will have a few weeks to grow more grass, and I'll move them back when that time comes. 

Lots of rotating going on during this time of year, all of which makes horses happy and fills their bellies. 

Bill, the woodsman and forester, finished up another Idaho State Forestry contest yesterday.  

It was kinda neat this morning to read that the top junior in the contest lives right here in the neighborhood, and his team won first place in their division. 

Congratulations to Colter Cates and team member.  

Our neighborhood has a lot of neat kids.

Happy Friday.  

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