Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Morning Musings


What a deal!

Rent is cheap.

Actually, free!

And, the landlord will not kick you out when you least suspect it.  You're free to stay as long as you like. 

The landlord paid only $20 for this attractive and creatively styled new home on a fencepost located on a gorgeous acreage in the beautiful Selle Valley.

Home crafted by local contractor Dino Bostock Tillberg. 

No rent agreements to sign.  

No background checks needed or references to supply.

At this particular housing development, which is hardly "high density," just select your choice of several adorable homes on this acreage with Schweitzer Mountain Resort to the west and the Cabinet Mountains to the east. 

One drawback to consider, though. 

It may not be classified as "modern," because tenants have to use BIF. 

Still, the residents have the freedom to style its indoor space anyway they wish.  

And, for sure, they've truly "gone back to the land" with all that space surrounding the home on which to land or to fly high or fly low while keeping an eye on the family.

Yup, a pair of talkative and busy swallows selected this beauty this weekend less than two weeks after its purchase at the Farmers' Market and its move to Selle. 

It's obvious the swallows do appreciate the good deal they have for their summer housing in "God's Country." 

I've noticed there's always someone standing guard because after all, the home is not located in a gated community with lights, cameras and alarm systems.  

Its only alarm bells sound off softly when someone dares to walk by and admire the home.  

Little "twitter-dee-dee's" emanating from inside the house give plenty of warning to supplement the efforts of the winged sentry stationed nearby on the fence. 

We longtime locals all know enough to live and let live as we walk by, and, happily, that understanding creates a sense of harmony within the community. 

This is a rather unique situation in our Sandpoint area community these days.  

Seems like quite the opposite with astronomical housing prices, steep monthly payments and uncertain situations for renters and generally a whole lot more cacophony than harmony. 

I don't know where it ends, and that is sad as we watch the changes in the community where some of us have lived and loved the place our entire lives. 

I guess time will tell. 

All that said, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and we may have evaded a killing frost.  We did have a frost, but I'm placing my bets on the fact that the plum blossoms were hardy enough to fend it off. 

Guess we'll know in a few weeks.  

From the sounds of weather predictions, we may be able to move forward with our gardening projects because the night temperatures are not supposed to dip below freezing for a while. 

Heck, it's North Idaho.  

Maybe June will bring another frost on, just as the plants have established themselves in garden soil. 

All we can do is gamble and garden,  remain resilient and be thankful for all little victories and cherish the beauty around us. 

Enjoy this beautiful day.  Happy Wednesday. 

And, BTW:  there a still a few vacant homes for any other avian "turists" wishing to hang out here for the summer. 

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