Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A Pretty Day in May

Bigtime snow in them thar hills. 

So far, those plum blossoms have escaped the frost which has hung around the area for the past few days.  

One more night---fingers crossed---and we may have a bunch of plums this year. 

In spite of the cold weather and more snow in the mountains, my asparagus is making some appearances.  I counted six spears at various stages peeking up through the dirt last night. 

And, today the sun is shining.  They say we'll have two days of fairly pleasant weather before the next rain storm. 

So, we'll make the most of it.  I'm getting really anxious to enjoy some days without wet pant legs and wearing barn boots.  Don't know if that will come soon, but it will be nice. 

When Bridie and I go for our morning walks through the woods, there are places where we can't avoid the standing water.  

On this beautiful day, I think of some special people who are celebrating birthdays.  

First, there's my longest friend Laura who turned 75 today.  Laura is the lady on our class page who always provides optimistic and happy notes for everyone else when they celebrate their birthdays. 

Laura and her mom Eleanor


So, I'll use my blog post to send special greetings to her. 

My cousin Brendan from Chicago is also celebrating a birthday today.  He works at the Sargent Shriver Center on Poverty Law. Truly a fine person. 

Happy Birthday, Brendan. 

My friend Pam Eimers is also celebrating today.  Whenever I think of Pam, I smile.  She and I used to teach together at Sandpoint High School and over the years we have assembled many, many funny and happy memories including nose taping. 

Hope  you have a great day today, Pam. 

I also think about our classmate and friend the late Andrea Venishnick Carlson who would have been 75 today.  A lovely lady who left us all too soon!



Abby Vanhorn Leisy is letting us know on Facebook that her big brother Ben will be competing on tonight's edition of "Wheel of Fortune." 

Abby, a former ASB president at Sandpoint High School,  teaches at Kootenai School.

Here's what Ben, who now lives in Corona, Calif., said about his experience:  

Exciting News! 

It has always been a dream of mine to be on Wheel of Fortune and that dream became a reality.

My episode is set to air in 1 week on May 10th. I hope you are able to watch and enjoy my appearance. 

I had an absolute blast and I am super excited to share the experience with my family and friends. 

Wheel of Fortune airs here in the area at 7:30 p.m. PDT, on KHQ Channel 6. 


On another note, it was neat to see pictures of Marcia Pilgeram's second tour group in Ireland.  

Our neighbor from just down the road, Jennifer Leedy, is among the group.  

Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland, Jennifer. 

Nice to see what my friend Connie is up to these days. 


After reading Connie's blogpost, what was the next thing I saw with Bridie?

Keeping track of four balls!

It must be the Border Collie stage called "learning to multitask."  Bridie wouldn't even come outside with me because she had all those balls to watch. 

Happy Tuesday.  

Hope you do some gathering in your garden.

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