Monday, May 09, 2022

Scenes from Mother's Day


The new snow on Scotchman Peak was absolutely stunning last evening.  The sun was casting its last rays before going over the hills to the west.

Only way to describe Scotchman at that moment:  Snow White. 

Quite a snow dump in the mountains for May 8 and Mother's Day and more than enough rain showers to green up the valley below. 

I declared to Bill that one of my special gifts for Mother's Day would be to take off for an hour all by myself with the camera.

Such bonus time is precious. 

Happily, during my drive, the wind shield wipers were needed only for brief moments.  

Otherwise, the sun hung around and brightened up the colors of spring. 

Horses took advantage of the warmth---if they weren't in a muddy barnyard---to enjoy some afternoon rest.

I enjoyed my little afternoon slot and just drove the roads around beautiful Oden and Selle.  

There were, indeed, some "pretty as a picture" scenes, so I grabbed them whenever possible. 

Later, Willie and Debbie came bearing gifts (from Willie, Debbie and Annie) and some mighty tasty and tender barbecued chicken that Willie had prepared. 

A burning bush and a new rose bush.  

I've always loved the burning bush in front of Selle Valley Carden School when it turns a brilliant red.  So, it's nice to have one here at the Lovestead.  

And, I can always find a place for a new rose.

Annie was finishing up a geocaching weekend in Los Angeles, so Bill and I enjoyed a nice telephone visit with her.  

During Willie and Debbie's visit, we talked about Ireland and Iceland and watched a couple of segments of an Irish cooking show. 

Can ya tell we're getting excited about our trip in June. 

Bill and Debbie also spent quite some time looking for a reasonably price rental car for Ireland.  As you can imagine, reasonably priced has taken on a new definition.  

Thankfully, they secured one with enough room, so we're set on that aspect of the trip. 

All in all, it was a wonderful Mother's day enjoying a quiet day and some fun moments with the kids.  

That's all that's necessary and much appreciated. 

As always, I feel grateful. 

Happy Monday. Maybe winter will go away and we can have spring again sometime this week. 

Enjoy the photos.  

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