Sunday, June 04, 2023

Country "Seens"

 It's not long until we'll start hearing about fawn sightings. 

I was wondering if the deer I saw yesterday on Evergreen Road might have a fawn hidden off in the woods. 

As we await the Bambi's, we do see signs of summer besides beautiful flowers and tasty goodies in the garden. 

For example, I always wonder where the birds that sit on horses come from.  They just mysteriously show up when the horses are out grazing in their pastures. 

I also wonder if the birds have their favorite horses as they hitch slow-moving rides while the horses eat. 

And, do the horses like having those summer birds riding bareback?   Who knows?

Another sign of summer is hearing cows and/or more likely bulls bellering off in the distance during the morning hours. 

I can remember, when we first moved out here nearly 17 years ago, awakening to deep throated bull-bellering contests on summer mornings.  At the time, three farms around us had cow herds with talkative bulls. 

The bulls always seemed to pick the early-morning hours to beller vociferously,  bragging about their bull prowess or to issue warnings about their territory. 

If ya happen to be outside during these fence-line choral stand-offs, you might even see a little bullish demonstration of pawing up clouds of dirt, most likely to put an exclamation point on the oral message. 

Yesterday, while driving around our extended neighborhood, I saw another sign of summer:  George from the Co-Op leading two very pretty horses with his sidekick Aussie keeping track of the activity. 

George told me that his horses had had a busy day up Bonners Ferry way on a trail ride. I've seen lots of pictures of people on Facebook who've been enjoying the trails on their summer rides.

And, of course, around here at the Lovestead the signs of summer keep popping onto the scene virtually every day and sometimes several times a day.

I can't keep up with the beautiful Mother's Day rose Annie gave me.  

It's in its second series of blooms, and if you don't catch a stage of blossom development in the mornings, you're not gonna see it at all.

These roses are true chameleons, changing their shapes and their colors by the hour. 

So, it makes for great summer fun and esthetic enjoyment.  

When we lived on the North Boyer farm in my younger years, I acquired my mother's daily enjoyment for going outside and checking on the gardens and the flowers, often during evening hours. 

As fast as things can change when they're growing plants, it makes for great summertime entertainment wandering around the place, looking for what's new and different and maybe even tasty. 

This year has offered many of those moments with some beautiful lettuce and those 'maters that taste better than candy.

And, those moments fly by fast. 

We have another beautiful day ahead, which means good growing weather and more completely natural home entertainment.  

Ahhh, Summer. 

Happy Sunday. 

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