Thursday, June 08, 2023

Long Daze


It's 4:45 a.m. somewhere.

This morning twas mighty pretty as I looked to the east while standing at the west end of the lane. 

On the long days of June, there is an advantage to going to bed around 8 p.m.

No more mosquitoes to fight during hot evenings when you really really want to be outside but the mosquitoes just won't let you enjoy yourself.

So, give up.  Go to bed, and make up for the loss in the early morning hours. 

This morning I did not even need to wear a coat while taking Bridie on her early-morning duty. 

I also filled the horses' water tank and totally enjoyed the brilliant array of colors in the sky. 

The view to the west wasn't quite so spectacular but still lovely. 

Yesterday afternoon's sky provided some eye candy too with a hot sun hiding behind one of a multitude of mini clouds. 

The view on the ground ain't so bad either.  When I went to lunch with my friend Becky, I had my phone camera ready for the rose bushes in front of the Samuels Store. 

Those folks take really good care of their roses, and they are always a stunning sight. 

On another topic, I saw the school bus headed toward town this morning. 

Tomorrow another school year ends and the buses will get a rest. 

I also saw in the morning paper that there's a new superintendent coming to West Bonner County School District.  

Sending my love and support to all the dedicated teachers and staff in that district who work so hard employing their skills and knowledge to "teach the children." 

Looks like interesting times ahead.  Hoping for the best for each and every one of you. Know that your fellow educators, including us retirees, empathize with you.  

Having been there, done that a time or two in my career, I know firsthand the challenges you are facing. 

Best of luck. Be strong. 

This too shall pass. Your students will appreciate you.

And, to all who teach and learn anywhere, best wishes for a wonderful summer.

Happy Thursday.  

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