Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday This and That

When Bill left this morning, I commented that today is starting out to be an ordinary day---kinda quiet, no bad weather, nothing major on the "to do" list other than the usual routines.

I like days like this every once in a while. We'll see how long it lasts at being an "ordinary" day. 

For now, I don't have anything major on my mind except that my projects leading toward Christmas are all coming along nicely and, so far, the stress surrounding the season has been minimal.  

That would be my Christmas wish----for it to stay that way.

We evolve from a simple existence, and it seems we spend the rest of our lives trying to get back to that.  Who knew that attaining simplicity would be such a complex matter?

Anyway, one item on my list of "to do's" will be explained below in a note I received yesterday from a former student Cathy King.  

The three King kids were all in our 4-H club.  Their mother Ann taught at Southside Elementary.  They're all smart cookies, and two of the three have become veterinarians. 

Cathy has taken her career as a veterinarian a step further, creating an organization similar to Doctors without Borders.  

Her group is known as World Vets, and she has promised me that when I have the time, she'll let me go along with her group on one of their travels to provide free veterinary care in Third World Countries.  

Haven't had the opportunity yet, but the thought is still there on the bucket list.

Anyway, Cathy wrote asking a favor, which is explained in the note below.  I'll simply encourage you to read it, to do your voting and to pass along the message to folks you know who might want to help her out.  

Here goes from Cathy . . . . 

I have a favor to ask. This morning I received notification that World Vets was selected from hundreds of applicants as one of only four finalists to win $25,000 from the Heska Corporation in their "Inspiration in Action Contest."

If we win, the money will be used to start an International Disaster Response Program to provide veterinary aid in times of crisis.

With only four finalists, we have a real chance of winning this and every vote matters. It's quick to vote and you don't have to register or anything like that.

 Just click on the link below, enter your name and email address and choose Entry # 4 (World Vets). That's all there is to it.

The voting is only open for two weeks. It would mean a lot to us if you would take a moment to vote for our project and even share this info with your friends, co-workers and family so they can vote too!

(Only one vote is allowed per person, and only one vote per computer). 

Thanks for helping!

Cathy King DVM PhD
CEO, World Vets

And, if you're wondering, yes, we are very proud of Cathy.  Another Sandpoint High graduate making a wonderful mark in the world.

I encourage readers to check out the World Vets website above, where you'll see some more information about Cathy and her colleagues. 

I was happy to see that reasonable people from throughout the world are participating in a special Facebook page to encourage Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman.  

He missed two crucial kicks in the Boise State-Nevada game and almost immediately afterward, the despicable taunts aimed toward him began appearing on Facebook and other Internet venues. 

Last time I checked more than 40,000 people had posted supportive messages for Kyle and the Broncos on the Facebook site.  It's reassuring to know that people will stand up to the inexcusable behavior aimed at destroying one young man's life.  

The last of the snow is sliding off the roof.  Yesterday we definitely rumbled all day long, and I held my breath, hoping that my doggies would stay away from the eaves.  

Our deck now has more than four feet of snow, and I'm wondering if we'll see it again before April. Once all the snow lands, the dogs do love running across the high-packed piles.  

Guess that's enough for now.  The Christmas-card list awaits.  How many have noticed that it costs more to send a Christmas card than it does to purchase the card?

I'll still send them, though, because I enjoy receiving them.  


Happy Thursday, and thanks for voting for Cathy's cause.

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I voted! Bruce King is my vet! Brian Long