Friday, February 24, 2012

From the Land of the Sun and Palms

I'm Bob. I'm 31, and I have to bite my nails because that lady who showed up at my house makes me nervous. So, pardon me while I talk and tell you what she's done so far.
She's sitting at Starbuck's in Palm Springs because the folks here at the house couldn't figure out what the wifi password is. Not a bad thing, though, to blog from Starbucks, so that's what she and Mow are doing. I'm actually sleeping right now cuz they put a blanket over my cage.
It's a beautiful day out there, I'm told. She already went for a walk with her camera and met a nice lady from British Columbia who was walking her poodle. As usual, she gabbed with the lady for a while.
I also heard her talking about the very nice young man named Chris Fellers who sat with her on the plane from Phoenix to Palm Springs. He's a show jumper, and he knows and often visits her Colburn neighbors, the Crooks, who also do show jumping. I heard her say something like "small world."
Last night there was so much gabbing going on here that I couldn't get a word in edgewise. That's bad for a parrot, ya know.
All the attention was focused on that ZAGS game (she was really happy that they won) and my doggie friends. I think she must have taken 800 pictures of Webster.
Seems they're related somehow. She kept talking about how Webster looked and acted so much like Todd. Seems Webster's pretty special cuz of that family connection.
After all they wore themselves out telling the dogs how much they loved them, they finally came over to my cage and gave me some attention.
She stuck her finger up close to my beak, and I almost got a bite. Maybe next time.
Anyway, things are pretty crazy around here since she showed up. I guess I'll just have to keep track and tell you more tomorrow.
Happy Friday. Enjoy her pictures.


Anonymous said...

Maybe today's blog should have been titled, "what about Bob?"! haha. He is a handsome fellow for sure. Very happy you are hear safe and sound and so looking foward to seeing you & meeting Mow and Annie. Sorry I don't get to meet Bob too! Puz

Anonymous said...

OMG! Did I write HEAR instead of HERE??? To my friend the English teacher!? I hope I don't get slapped with a ruler at breakfast tomorrow! LOL