Sunday, April 15, 2012

By the Numbers . . . .

Well, it's April 15, the traditional date for filing taxes.  We don't care.  Ours are filed.
We've done that numbers crunch for another year.  Fortunately, we've paid more than enough, so we'll get a number of dollars back.
Those dollars will go into the farm fund, cuz its numbers are low---especially since I used it to buy the garden fence materials.
The garden fence is three quarters complete.  Bill helped with a section yesterday morning and then went fishing.
He lost two fish out of his satchel while angling off from his new pontoon boat at Mirror Lake.  He brought two home, though.
Then, he pulled out one of his smoked Kokanee/bluebacks.  
He offered me one bite.  Never a fan of fresh-water fish, I said no.
He offered that one bite of pink meat one more time.
I said, "Okay."
Yum.  Yum.  
Bill did a nice job smoking his fish.  I might eat another bite some day.
Annie was happy with the numbers yesterday:  Sounders 1; Colorado Rapids 0.  I even watched part of the match, where Freddie Montero was the star.
Then, I watched a few innings of the Mariners game.  After all, our three darlings were in the nosebleed section of the stands---Willie, Debbie, Annie---along with some friends and Cedar Post students.
I read on Facebook that they also appeared on the big screen in the stadium. 
We all liked the numbers for the baseball game:  Mariners 4; A's zip. 
And, Jesus Montero was the star.
What is it about these two Montero athletes and Seattle?  We won't complain.
Willie liked the numbers yesterday when he learned that the Cedar Post once again stood in the top ten in their division for Best of Show in high school newspapers.  
Seventh Place.   Congrats!
Barbara and Debbie just called from Seattle.  Barbara told me that,  of the 3,000-plus high school journalists attending their convention this year, more than ever entered the Write-Off contests for reporting, designing and photography.
They were on their way to the awards ceremony to see if the newspaper and yearbook staffs have any other neat numbers to report during the next couple of hours.  
We'll keep our fingers crossed. 
Today we'll finish up the last section of garden fence.  I saw four deer out in the second pasture last night, and I smiled.
"Try to get in there and eat my veggies this year," I thought.  Time will tell if the deer get deterred by the new fence.
Today I'll also go up to Western Pleasure Lodge to take pictures of----count 'em----17 quilts, all crafted by the same lady.  
Yup, Virginia Wood likes to make quilts, and there's gonna be a gathering of her family up there tonight.
Granddaughters' names will be picked from a basket.  As their names are selected, they get to pick a quilt. 
Can't wait to see the colorful display.  Janice, Virginia's daughter, tells me it's impressive.
This has certainly been a week of numbers---tax returns, Social Security number for Medicare, supplemental insurance number crunching, one feature story completed and countless other items that go along with spring.
So far, I'm liking the numbers and hope the trend continues.
Happy Sunday.  Hope your taxes treat you right!


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