Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Has Sprung; Deer Have Come and all that . . .

The last picture I took last night was just after sundown.  It was taken through the front window as this gal made her way across the front yard. 
She had a friend with her which had already made the crossing.
The pair ran off---for a while.  Then, while I was standing on the front deck calling Festus in for the night, I saw two flashy white tails take off to the north just at the end of our driveway.

The first sight I saw outside this morning while taking Foster to do his business was a quartet of  flashy white tails bouncing up and down at the end of the lane to our west.
They ran and stopped and stared.  
Kea saw those flashes and figured she needed to get down there and tell them where to go.
I called her off, and she obeyed, simply going to the end of the lane and watching them as they made their way across the hayfield.

Yup, spring has sprung and the deer are back.  The deer don't seem the least bit shy this year.  
Bill said, after learning that the two visitors had gone across the front yard, that he had seen my pretty daffodils and wondered how long they would last.

Well, I have photos of them, just in case the invaders come back and snip off their blossoms.  
The contrast of colors this time of year is truly inspiring after so many months of blah browns, grays and whites.

Yesterday's truly lovely spring day brought on aches and pains from trying to accomplish too much.  
I kinda decided the aches and pains were good, though.  
They make me slow down, sit down and take time to enjoy the awakening, glorious world around me.  

Too often, it seems,  we get so hung up in working to make things pretty, we don't take time to enjoy the results of our efforts.

So, I've put one item on my bucket list this year:  slow down and enjoy!

This Earth Day 2012 is another beauty, even warmer than yesterday and already more alive than yesterday.  Those birds are busier than ever and telling everyone about it.

Yesterday greenhouse lettuce went into the ground.
I planted a "fire string" plant my friend Mow gave me during my visit to Palm Springs.
It's occupying a spot near the shop where it will get abundant sunshine.
I raked the garden and will probably rototil it today.
Bill put up the new board on the fence, with Lily's help.  I'll paint it today.
My geraniums survived their first night in the greenhouse.
A yellow rose bush given to me for Valentine's day went in a planter off the deck.

Lots to tell, lots to enjoy.  A beautiful day awaits. 

Happy Earth Day to everyone, and I'm hoping all those people cleaning up around their homes and taking their garbage to the dump via our back road think about Earth Day by keeping a close watch on their rear-view mirrors.

Too often stuff bound for the dump ends up in our yards. 

Enough said.  Enjoy your Sunday. 

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