Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fishin', Huckleberrin', Drivin' and Stuff Like That

I'll be going on an adventure today.  It won't take long to get there.  With the Byway, I'm guessing about 25 minutes or so.

When I get down HWY 95 and turn off at Southside Elementary School, my adventure will truly begin.

I'll be in a classroom or two.  I'm not quite sure yet cuz all I know is to show up at Southside by 12:10.  I'm scheduled to be there for one hour.

Beyond that, other expectations remain a mystery.  

So, I'm guessing I'll be sitting in front of a group of students when the fun begins.

If all goes right, the fun will be found between the covers of a few books, which I plan to lug along with me.

Also, if all goes right, by the time my 60 Minutes of Fame tick off, I'll travel to the Schweitzer Road before it was the Schweitzer Road.  I'll also go out on the lake for a while. 

And, I'll return to the kitchen and the front yard of my childhood home, now northwest of North Boyer.  Who sez you can't go home again!

The great news:  the house which was burned down about 15 years ago will return as will those giant white pines in the front yard.

I haven't gone on these adventures for a while, but when I open up my books,  turn to certain pages and start reading, I'm hoping those kids will go with me. 

It's Literacy Week at Southside, I'm told.  So, I'm guessing other folks will be showing up throughout the week, reading and going on adventures of their own.

In my case, I don't think I'll have to read Dr. Seuss.  

Instead, I'll use my own experiences to show students "Oh, the Places You Will Go," especially while flipping the pages of a good book. 

As for me, I always like to go back to the wonderful places where my childhood antics and adventures unfolded. 

I'd say sneakily making the peanut butter sandwich, hearing my mother coming to the door, racing to the bathroom and almost choking to death while getting rid of the food-theft evidence could definitely go in the "antic" column.

Same goes for my first attempt to drive a car, which only wanted to go in reverse, directly toward the woven wire fence around the front pasture. 

My huckleberry story, chosen specifically for the school responsible for lobbying the Legislature to name our state fruit---yup, that's an adventure.

If I get to read it today, I'd call researching early fishing highlights on Lake Pend Oreille as an adventure.  I actually went on a boat trip around our beautiful lake's shoreline while working on that story.  So, definitely an adventure!

As usual, I'll get nervous beforehand, but once my reading time begins, I'm looking forward to these little trips into the past and hoping the kids enjoy them as much as I do.

It should be a fun-filled experience, and then it's on to doggie obedience school, where today is graduation.  My sisters and I have missed a class so we might get the dunce caps today instead of diplomas.

Is there a GED program for puppies who fail to attain the 90-percent attendance requirement?

Happy Thursday.  Hope you all have good adventures today. 


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