Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Of Jewelry and General Affairs

As the days wear on in this "general" problem, I get more confused.  

Who was really jealous of whom?  

Who had the best chest----FBI man or socialite woman?  

Who spent too much money staying in Africa's luxury hotels WITH HIS WIFE, of all things?  

How can you spend that much time on a computer and get to your real "affairs"?

Just lots of questions and the tangled web is just getting too much like some of the  necklaces in my jewelry box. 

Speaking of which, I used some ingenuity yesterday.

This past summer, I bought a bunch of turquoise jewelry at the powwow in Post Falls.  

I gave some to Annie, including a bracelet.  I also gave a bracelet to Debbie for her birthday.  And, I kept a bracelet or two for myself.

They're really pretty bracelets, but after many attempts to try them on, I had to tell both Annie and Debbie to wear those bracelets only when someone else is around to help fasten them around their wrists.

Well, it's been bugging me that I would purchase beautiful bracelets that have to remain in a plastic bag rather than on my wrist.  

And, Bill is not always around when I get ready to go to town and want to add a little pzazz to my otherwise country-fied look.

Yesterday I had a luncheon date with a new friend, whom I'd never met.  Now, there's a story! 

How do you have a friend you've never met?  Just think Facebook.

Anyway, Debbie was coming along too, as we were meeting for lunch near her office. 

After finishing morning chores, I changed out of my grungies and put on my downtown look.  

Then, I eyed those pretty bracelets lying in the plastic bag in the cabinet drawer and decided to attempt once more at securing one to my wrist.

As usual, my big, clumsy fingers could not get their act together.  

Just as I'd get the clasp near the hook and then try to use my thumb nail  to pull the hook open,  the clasp would do its usual collapse backward and dangle far away from the hook.

After several tries, the perennial flickering lightbulb---which resides somewhere up there in my head, flashed on.

"Tape it," my brain announced.  

"Yeah," I said out loud---to the brain, of course.

Hmmm, I don't even need to use duct tape, I thought to myself while walking to the kitchen drawer and pulling out the roll of scotch tape. 

I then placed the bracelet around my wrist, laid the wrist on the kitchen island and taped the bracelet clasp near the edge of my wrist, leaving it to dangle with just a little open space.

I then walked to the couch, sat down and fumbled for a few seconds, trying to open that stubborn hook.  It kept rolling away from my fingers, but finally, it opened. 

I held fast and directed it toward the hole in the clasp, which, thanks to the tape, held steady. 

My beautiful bracelet could now begin its maiden journey to a downtown social engagement. 

And, from now on, I know from this discovery that scotch tape can do the trick.  

So, Annie and Debbie, listen up:  you can put those bracelets around your wrists solo!

Yup, we all have our problems.  In my case, I've solved one of my bracelet dilemmas.

I still have a few necklaces residing in my jewelry box,  waiting for another day when I have the time to untangle them.  It may be a while.

Just like the "general" problems,  I think the web is pretty tangled----especially now that it's out of the drawer. 

Bill and I were talking this morning about the,  for sure, reality show coming up.

The Real Generals of the Africa, Asia and TAMPA Commands!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea for the bracelets. Can't wait to try it on the ones I can't fasten myself.