Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Day at School

My day at school----both elementary and doggie---turned out great yesterday.  

Unlike my prediction, we received dunce cap at doggie-obedience graduation ceremonies. 

We have a diploma!

Even though we'll attend a make-up session after Thanksgiving, Foster is now officially a graduate.  

He has not indicated too much of an interest in "plastics," except maybe chewing on more of those Folgers coffee cans.

Still, he exhibits an air of pride in his achievement.  You can imagine how thrilled his mom is.  I'll be going to town soon to pick up a frame so I can add his diploma to Kiwi's.

For some reason, Kea, the resident cow dog, skipped the school route.  I'm thinking it was probably because she's a prodigy,  and she might have balked at formal education.

Foster and I breezed through the graduation requirements.  I think he may have topped the class with the test where the trainer leads the dog a long, long ways from Mom.

Then, Mom has to call, "Foster, come!"

We shoulda had a stopwatch cuz I'm figuring that spring may have set a record.

I don't want to brag too much about Foster because all the canine students--Lucy, Ruby, Dallie, Quigley, Meggie, Jessie and Foster----and their owners rose to the special occasion.

I witnessed pride at its best as each student went through the paces.  

It was a fun graduation session, and, once more, we're quite happy with instructor Glenna's guidance. 

Earlier in the day, I went on my Southside adventure, meeting with two different groups of students, teachers and even one parent. 

Chenoa, the VISTA literacy volunteer, organized the visit, which included first and second graders, followed by fourth and fifth graders.

I was amazed and thrilled with the students' attention, enthusiasm and their questions.  It was obvious all teachers had prepared their classes well for the visitor. 

I also enjoyed seeing some of my own former students who work at Southside, including Karen, the secretary, who made me feel really old when she started talking about her grandchildren.  

Yikes, it doesn't seem that long ago that she sat in my English class.  

If yesterday's session with the students was any indication, the school is most deserving of its Blue Ribbon status.  

I loved my visit.

So, with the day of  back-to-school now behind me, I've got to look ahead to Thanksgiving, i.e., sweet potatoes, cranberries, pies and rolls. 

I'm figuring on going to Bonners Ferry Saturday for the annual Mennonite Craft Sale where there will be pies, breads and rolls aplenty.  

My sisters are preparing the turkey, which suits me just fine.  

Lots to do on this lovely Friday, so I'd better get at it.

Happy Friday to all. 


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