Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday This and That

When Marianne failed to win the $550 million lottery, she faced a culinary dilemma. 

"How shall I feed my family?" she pondered.

Then, she hit upon an idea.

"Let them eat bread," she said.

And, so they do.  

This morning, Bill sliced off a couple of pieces of Marianne's first-ever home-baked whole-wheat and honey bread for breakfast.

After toasting them in the oven with a layer of Imperial margarine, he dabbed on some homemade Lovestead jelly and went to the dining room table.

"It's good," he said.

Marianne smiled.

Who needs $550 million to keep a family sufficiently saffonsified when there's homemade bread and jelly enough!

So, that is how Marianne will deal with the disappointment of drawing the wrong numbers.

And, Marianne figures Eleanor would be proud.

After all, her former 4-H student who failed so miserably at Eleanor's sewing machine while cleaning out Eleanor's "melt-in-your-mouth" bread supply has come of age.

She still cannot sew, but she can bake a decent loaf of bread.


In other news, the neighborhood is on alert this morning after another break-in between 1-3 p.m. yesterday afternoon in Selle.

This time the thieves took guns, according to those in the know.  

Since summer, several places here in Selle have been robbed, including one just up the road.  

These thieves like guns and tools, and, according to some neighborhood sources, they have broken into one resident's home twice. 

It's a terrible feeling in such a peaceful farm neighborhood to hear about this rash of burglaries.  

So, I guess we'll all be more vigilant than ever, and I'm sure measures will be put in place to make such invasions uninviting to the thugs. 

I wonder if they're the same creeps that like to litter the ditches with their icehouse beer cans. 

So Lindsay Lohan got in trouble again.  Hasn't she surpassed the "three strikes you're out rule?"

I'm wondering if Lindsay and her bad behavior have turned into a cottage industry---the more trouble you create, the more money you make.

Seems like being in trouble also means rewards for our sports "heroes."  Didn't Barry Bonds get nailed big time for some drug-related misbehavior.  Did they call it perjury?

Seems like what's good for the Lance is good for all the rest of those guys who cheat and lie?


I was down visiting with my mother yesterday and talking to some of the staff about what elder care facilities are gonna look like when we baby boomers get old.

Has any planning been done for these millions of folks now reaching their senior stages.

Seems to me like this is the major question facing our nation, but I don't hear a lot of talk about it---'cept at elder care facilities.

Anyway, one of the ladies yesterday suggested that the music piped through the facilities was probably gonna be Led Zeppelin.

I said "not."  

Even at 30,  I didn't like Led Zeppelin cuz I hate heavy metal. 

So, after her comment, I was guessing that the only way I'd like listening to Led is to go deaf, which I'm sure a lot of Led fans are right now.    

But wait . . . 

I looked up Led Zeppelin on the Internet and found that my assumption was 95 percent correct but 5 percent wrong.

The 5 percent:  well, Led Zeppelin did "Stairway to Heaven," and I'm guessing that may be very appropriate for Baby Boomers while we enjoy our "Golden Years."    

In the meantime, I won't worry about music; the ZAGS are playing tonight.

Go ZAGS.  Happy Thursday.       



Patsy said...

I am with you on the heavy metal.( although I have always liked Stairway to Heaven) I know that I do not want any head banger music in the facility I will be residing in. ( smile )

Anonymous said...

Just a note from "anonymous" regarding the cookie/muffin recipe I shared with you...kinda...I saw where you made a spice/pumpkin cake with raisins and nuts and cream cheese frosting. I made that instead of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and it was the hit of the meal! Already been asked to make it again for Christmas dinner too! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Eleanor's homemade bread!!

About the nursing home, my girls have been instructed to pick one that lets me sleep in. And Led Zeppelin would be my last choice.