Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Slight

I had just finished taking the "breast" shot above.  It's not often--if ever--that I take "breast" shots, but this morning I'm in uniform.

That's my "Boise Broncos" sweatshirt logo, and that's as far away as I could hold the camera for this "self portrait."  

I had just finished downloading the photo when dogs started barking all over the place.  Even Foster got up at his front-room window on the couch and contributed his share of yapping.

I went to the window to "see what was the matter."

Nope, no Santa, no tiny reindeer, just the big moose in the photo above.  

"MOOSE!" Bill yelled.

We both joined Foster at the window and could see its figure trotting down the road behind our row of cedar trees.

Then, it turned around.  We saw a car coming from the south.

The moose trotted past the driveway and thought about jumping the fence into Taylor's field.  Then it changed its mind.  That's when we spotted a car to the north.

The poor creature was feeling hemmed in.  So, it turned toward our north yard, came in a few feet and then jumped the north fence into the Meserve Preserve.

Dogs continued to bark as I went upstairs to finish posting my "breast" shot.

"It's down by the hay shed," Bill yelled upstairs.

About that instant, I had started downloading the breast shot and switched over to Facebook while waiting for the picture to post on my blog.

Lo and behold, I had a note from my former student whose family lives at the north end of South Center Valley Road.

She had already posted a picture of our moose on the loose, and it was then that I deduced that Haley must be home from Alaska and that she must have been in one of those vehicles----camera ready.

Haley, of the Butler clan down the road,  is a magnificent wedding photographer (you can find her work on Facebook at Haley Sierra Sorbel).  

I'm sure she would like to have encouraged the moose to allow her a few more poses in this morning's photo shoot, but moose don't always do what we want.

The moose story and the barking ended when said critter made its way across our hayfield to the west and jumped over the fence into the woods.

Could be it's over on Selle Road as I type stopping some more traffic.

Anyway, this posting started out as a rather leisurely effort, but one never knows here at the Lovestead when some excitement is gonna happen.

There's excitement in Las Vegas today, starting at 12:30 p.m. on ESPN, and our daughter Annie is there with a bunch of University of Washington fans.  I know she'll be dressed in Bronco orange and blue, though.

We'll be pulling for the Broncos, and she says she will too, even if politely so.

Things have quieted down here post-moose on the loose, and I'm looking forward to a relatively calm day.  Just a few cookie plates to fill and finally, the true enjoyment of the season should come.

I wish the best to all on this Saturday.  Watch out for the moose!   Go Broncos!

One last note:  if you're from out of town visiting during the holidays, be sure to take an evening drive to see Mike Rosenberger's phenomenal yard display of lights and delightful blow-up creatures.  

It's truly worth the trip down Shingle Mill road off from HWY 200.  Go north on Shingle Mill until you reach a fork, turn right and proceed less than a quarter mile on East Shingle Mill.  And, do take the kids---of all ages---with you!

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