Friday, December 21, 2012

We're HE-E-E-RE!

Nothing like having two consecutive days of worry.  

Yesterday, I walked on eggs all day because it was the 28th anniversary of our house fire.  Somehow, each Dec. 20 makes me nervous.  

Not only did we have a house fire on Dec. 20, but almost 20 years later, Willie rolled a pickup on Hwy 95.  He hit a slick spot on an icy highway.  

He was on his way to Les Schwab to get snow tires.  The pickup never needed snow tires again because it was totaled.

That Dec. 20 did get better, though, even if the weather did not.

Later, that day we went to Spokane Airport to pick up Annie after her six-month college exchange to New Zealand.

So, that night we all celebrated as a family.

Yesterday's only incident of concern occurred early in the morning when Bill was snowblowing near the barn and hit the extension cord leading to the water trough heater.

Snowblowers do a number on an extension cord. 

Still, extension cords are much cheaper to replace than cars or houses. 

And, so another Dec. 20 went by quietly.   Thank you.

Then, when I went to bed last night, I had to worry about whether I was gonna wake up and see everyone again.

So far, I've just seen Bill, the dogs and the horses.  

Thanks to Facebook, though, I know they're out there---people are still going to work, heading off to school, complaining about the weather, etc.

I did like my friend and former student Jim Borden's comment, though.  

Jim, who's worked as a newspaper editor in the Midwest,  suggests that even though the world did not end, let's start today to try to make it a better world. 

Nice sentiments, indeed. 

On this day, my daughter is traveling again.  This time she's headed to the Las Vegas Bowl to watch Boise State take on the University of Washington tomorrow.

She was flying to Los Angeles and then driving to Las Vegas with a friend. 

She posted on Facebook from Sea-Tac this morning. 

"Flying to the City of Angels and the driving to Sin City," Annie wrote. "Couldn't think of a better way celebrate the end of the world."

So, I commented, "Well, be an angel.  Don't sin.  But have fun!"

I guess I'll hear if she follows my advice when she drives back to Los Angeles on Sunday, flies back to Seattle that night and then flies the next morning from Seattle to Spokane.

We'll pick her up just before noon and start our Christmas celebration. 

Okay, gotta talk about the photo above.  It's a bit abstract until you know that I was standing outside (in the one spot where the snow doesn't fall under the eaves). 

I took it yesterday afternoon during the endless snowstorm.  That's one of my Western hats on a lamp shade and you can almost make out the Christmas tree.

We have enough snow on the deck that looking out the window to see who's coming into the driveway is futile.  Snowy ridge blocks the view.

This morning Bill did some more plowing and bucket work in an effort to open up some more space for people to park.

Supposedly, we've seen the most of the snow and will have some nice weather and maybe even a pretty day for Christmas.

Well, on this first day of the rest of the world, I wish everyone a wonderful day.  

And, the best thought----the days will start getting longer.  Love that!

Happy Friday.   

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