Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sweaters and Snow, Buttons and Bows

Thumbs up for "Annie's Ugggs!"

Yup, that's what our daughter can call her new merchandising business.

According to her Facebook page, Annie (in the middle) designed all the sweaters pictured above. 

I'm sure if another designer was involved, I'll hear about it.

Anyway, it was "Ugly Sweater" day at Seattle's Groundspeak yesterday, so staff members donned their best holiday apparel to win the prize.

No details on what happens at "Ugly Sweater" day, except maybe a lot of posing for cameras.

I'm wondering what prizes are awarded, if any.  

I'm betting Annie was hoping for a chance to meet Justin Bieber.

Maybe we need to send this on to young Mr. Bieber so he can call up Annie and wish her a Merry Christmas.

Whatever the case, I think Jenn, Annie and Bryan look pretty darned dapper in their get-ups. 

Back here at the Lovestead, we're resting after another morning of moving a whole lot of snow. 

 Now, we're listening to a whole lot of snow roaring and sliding from the roof.

As I look out the window behind me, I see a mountain of white stuff on the deck---at least four feet.

In the summer we know how heavy the snow is as we attempt to trek across the warped Trex deck.

Maybe some year we can afford a remodel, a roof and a new deck.  

For now, we just cuss when tons of snow go thud in the winter and when we trip on the Trex valleys in the summer. 

It does look magical when you're inside looking out, but the stuff keeps coming down, and all of our shoveling, snow blowing and plowing will have to be redone later today.

So, I'll stay inside, wrap a few more presents and top them off with leftover bows.

This year I'm using mostly gift bags, which makes the job a whole lot easier.  

I'm thinking some of the recipients will recognize the gift bags and think they're getting the same gift I gave 'em last year.

Well, in one case I am----their favorite, too:   money.  

Doesn't matter how you wrap it, cold cash looks good any day of the year.

I did mention buttons in my heading. Just wanted to say, "Nice buttons, Bryan."

  That said, I'll just wish you all happy Friday on this day after the ZAGS, now 11-1,  have won yet another game!


Anonymous said...

I am taking the recycling philosophy one step farther this year. As I went through the bags to reuse, I found some beautiful tags still attached. Plan to reuse those too!
Rick is on his way home from a one day round trip Packwood to Sandpoint. He said the roads were okay going over - in most places.

MLove said...

Well, Janet. Don't tell anyone, but I found a couple of tags: To: Annie From: Mom. You can bet I didn't throw those away.

Hope Rick has a safe trip home.

Jenn said...

I can confirm that Annie made all three of these sweaters. Brilliant work.

Further, see the star near the neckline of the one I am wearing? It plays music! As do other stars that you can't see due to my hair covering them. It's so awesome when you push the buttons, and the same music plays but all at different times. Adds to the confusion brilliantly.

Jenn said...

Oh! And no prizes are awarded. The mass ugliness is prize enough.

MLove said...

Thank you for your follow-up, Jenn. Wish I had sound in the picture so we could get the full effect.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that we see you again some day at the Lovestead.