Sunday, January 27, 2013

Creepin' Crud Doth Cometh . . . .

The Watson barn on the corner of South Center Valley and Center Valley Roads.  Always a pretty sight.   

Well, taking Airborne twice a day for the past few days failed me. I'm feeling the crud this morning, so this will be short.

I tried a double dose on the happy lamp along with that first cup of coffee.  No effect.   Still feeling cruddy.

So, the good news is that Bill appears to be returning to the living, and I made myself do my afternoon chores this morning except for putting the horses in for the night.

That will have to wait.  Night is a while off, so maybe by that time, I'll feel like heading out to put them in. 

Seems a lot of folks I know have been dealing with this over the past couple of weeks.  And, it seems like everyone gets a little different version.

Maybe mine will be the cheap brand----the one that never lasts as long as promised. 

Happy Sunday.  How 'bout those ZAGS!   19-2  

I'm never too sick to do my ZAG BRAG.  

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