Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy Bloomie and Cinco and All That Stuff

Somebody's gotta stay home.  I'm sure that,  as I type, the Sandpoint-area population has diminished significantly.  

It always does on this day----not because of Cinco de Mayo but thanks to Bloomsday in Spokane.  

Spokane's population increases by at least 50,000 on the first Sunday in May.  

So, for one day, things are pretty quiet around here, and that's okay with me.  One Bloomsday and a broken ankle totally satisfied my lifetime desire to be a part of the annual run celebrating all the blooming beauty in Spokane.

Walks through my own neighborhood are just fine, and this morning was no exception.

It was a two-flattened-snake, two-sun day as I walked north on our road.   Plus, a robin posed for me on a fencepost.

Other than that, the peace and quiet of this Sunday soothed my soul.

Oh, by the way, the deer had their picture taken last night as I drove over to my sisters' house.  They were grazing in one of the Wood-family fields, and they were nice enough to hold that pose as I snapped a photo. 

Not a lot to report this morning but a lot on the menu for the day's activities.  More dirt to the north lawn.  A run to town to get some grass seed for the dirt.

More seeds in the garden.  More time spent on the lawnmower attacking the dandelions.  Maybe a little more painting and definitely a lot of watering since it's supposed to be climbing up toward 80 today. 

The plants placed outside yesterday survived the night, so they should get stronger each day and able to face any cold weather in the future.

Tomorrow, we'll have more construction starting as Amos will be building a new shelter along the lane to replace the one that almost fell over this winter. 

Also, the horses' long vacation may be ending as John Fuller will come to shoe Lily and trim Lefty's long toes.  When shoes are on, I'll saddle up and see how Lily's gonna behave in this her eighth year.

She seems to have mellowed out, so I'm hoping for no excitement.  I am excited, however, to give the sport of "sorting" a try.  It has to do with horses picking out cows and telling them to go somewhere.

That's all I know so far, but I do know that a lot of locals have taken it up and that my longtime friend Gail will be putting on a clinic in June.  

Don't know if Lily will run the other way when upclose and personal to a cow, but we'll find out. 

Regardless of her sorting abilities, I'm looking forward to some riding time mixed in with all the yard and garden fun.  

As for Cinco de Mayo, there's a taco booth down there just off from North Kootenai Road. I think I'll stop by today before all the Bloomies come back to town and pick up a few tacos for our Lovestead celebration.  

Should be a great day.  Happy Sunday to all. 

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