Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On a Dark and Stormy Morning . . . .

I've been waiting for a morning when I could post this photo, found on Reddit.  A while back, Annie told me about www.reddit.com, so I visited it aka "the front page of the Internet, a couple of times.

Once,  while scanning the reddit photo links, I could not resist copying the picture of this abandoned church at Chesapeake Bay.  Lovely use of light. 

We have had a dark and stormy morning here, so I did not take my camera along on my walk. Should have, though, cuz the earth has received a thorough wash.  

Maybe that dang pine pollen will dissipate and go away for another year. 

It's not often that I get excited about rain or thunder storms, but we've experienced weather that is "so July" for a long time.  We definitely needed a change back to the dark and gloomy June's that we've known so well over past years. 

Such weather keeps us humble, and we really do need to lower our standards on our weather expectations. 

I'm also happy about the rain because I don't have to water my gardens this morning.  They received a good dousing overnight.

And, happily, on my morning rounds, I saw no signs of deer intervention in my manure pile garden plots.  

Yesterday's construction of a makeshift, nondescript---actually pretty ugly---fence may deter further snipping off of potato plants and cucumber tops.  

Heck, even one cucumber, recently transplanted from the greenhouse, was lying in the dirt completely uprooted after Bambi Mom's visit a few nights ago.

I'm pretty sure the culprit was Bambi Mom cuz last evening Bill saw her racing out of the open meadow  between us and our neighbors to the south.  

Two mornings ago, I heard two rather distinct fawn utterings.  The kid-like (as in goat) sound came from that same area where Bill saw the doe last night. 

So, I imagine she figures she's got a good deal.  Hide the fawn in the deep grass not too far from gardens, and while the babe sleeps the night away, go get some dinner.

I don't know why the tall grass doesn't suffice, but we all know, too well, how dear love gardens. 

So, the fence went up, and cukes, potatoes and corn escaped unscathed for at least one night. 

Bill also saw a rooster pheasant in our woods last night, along with Mama and her turkey babies. We're guessing the rooster pheasant won't hang around long because we don't exactly have rooster habitat but we do have coyotes.  

The turkey family entered the woods a couple of weeks ago, coming from the east.  I watched the mama and her tiny, tiny babies cross the road.  They couldn't have been more than three or four inches high, and the driver of the car coming from the south sat patiently as they found their way into the ditch and moved on into the woods. 

That would be the same family that spent part of a morning out in Lily and Lefty's pasture.  

And, that would be the same mother who took a run at Lily when she got to close to the babies.  Lily found other places to graze. 

Definitely my first sighting of a turkey attacking a horse. 

Looks like we're in for a few days of rain and cooler weather, and that means I can get some indoor projects finished, including an editing job.

So, life is good on this wet morning, and having a day off from dragging those hoses around the place is okay with me. 

Happy Tuesday. 

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