Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Fun Stuff




For local teachers, today means the end of the first week of school.  I've heard good reports from family members about their classes so far.  Nice students; generally smooth beginning.

For our bikers who stayed overnight with us back in late June, I'm seeing that they will reach their destination tomorrow and dine on Maine lobster.  They left the Pacific Coast a few weeks before, determined to cross the Northern United States. 

The Baker brothers with Ray's wife Melinda have enjoyed the adventure of their lives.  I can't help but believe that it will be bittersweet when they finally stop pedaling at the Atlantic Ocean shore. 

Congratulations to Bob, Ray and Melinda on a fun trip for your fans all along the way to follow.

Today Annie has reached the ultimate goal of her European travels:  Prague, Czech Republic and the European GeoCoinfest.  I saw earlier that one of her colleagues had reached the airport there and found a nice geocache.

Annie has been seeing the countries with geocaching friends the past couple of days---including Slovakia and the Republic of Poland.  Now, the Czech Republic more than likely has some good geocaching activities for her to pursue. 

What a great trip it has been for her and still a few fun days ahead as she and her colleagues meet geocachers from all over Europe.  In many cases, Annie has already met them on past adventures.  

Of course, every country has its own version of Bigfoot, and whenever Annie comes across evidence of the hairy creatures inhabiting the wilds, she lets the world know that Bigfoot and his cousins are definitely "out there." 

Thanks, Annie, for your willingness to share this wonderful trip. 

And, then there is my neighbor Gary Finney.  He's in pursuit of getting his horses ready for the Idaho State Draft Horse and Mule Show, coming up later this month at the Bonner Country Fairgrounds.

Gary has participated for years with his beautiful Percherons.  Yesterday I went over to one of his drivers, who will not make it to this year's show because of his work in North Dakota.  

Of course, Coe is one of the folks I interviewed for my story, so it was good to say hello to him as he and Gary suited up the team for a practice run. 

I enjoyed a nice horse experience yesterday with my Lefty.  Three days ago, I didn't particularly enjoy Lefty who, after a long lay-off, thought it might be nice to incorporate the "crow hop" into his travels down the road. 

Lefty is a bit on the lazy side, so he'll do anything to avoid work.  Well, it seemed that yesterday he realized that behaving might get him out of extra work.  So, that's what he did, and he ate a few carrots afterward as a reward.

Hoping for good times with Lefty ahead and an end to his crow hopping routine. 

Looks like the big treacherous storm we were supposed to get overnight bypassed us, so we have a pretty good looking day ahead.

Happy Friday to all.  May you have fun stuff to do and to remember. 

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