Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday Waltzes In

This morning, I texted Annie because I had not seen any postings for her since this one, taken yesterday,  as she crossed into Austria.  Moms worry, ya know. 

I asked her if she had seen the Beautiful Blue Danube.

A few minutes later, she texted back, telling me that she had just arrived and was headed to downtown Vienna. 

Makes me a bit teary-eyed, in a good way,  to think of the beautiful and grand adventures this daughter of ours is enjoying.  And, in our small way, we get to enjoy them too. 

Makes me teary-eyed too, knowing that wherever she lands, Annie is spreading good cheer around the world along with appreciating all that this Earth has to offer.

Thank you, Geocaching, for opening that wide, wonderful door for her. 

I've included a You-Tube video with Strauss and Austria, just so we can all appreciate a sense of what she's seeing today. 

In other news, I saw my first yellow school buses this morning and extended a big double-armed wave to the first bus driver coming down the road.

In half an hour or so, the bells will chime in another school year here in Lake Pend Oreille District 84.

Three members of our family will be welcoming their classrooms full of new students. Laurie says hers has hit an all-time high of 30 fifth graders.  She also told me that Farmin-Stidwell has high numbers all around this year.  

Must be America's Most Beautiful Small Town is starting to burst at the seams.  Hope we don't get bigger, cuz we'd hate to lose that "Small Town" status.  I think the "beautiful" moniker is safe.

Anyway, good luck to all students and staff, including bus drivers.  Hoping it turns out to be a spectacular year. 

Soon doggies will come, and I'll be a canine kindergarten teacher again.  At least, that's what it feels like with five happy pups racing around.  Unfortunately, some may not be doing too much racing around cuz they like to race away.

So, they'll have to stay somewhat confined, but I'm hearing squirrels outside right now. The one thing that keeps kindergarten collies focused is squirrels.  

Maybe the squirrels can help me with the doggie curriculum this year.  I'll set up a special class for them called "Watch the Squirrel."

Also, I probably need to put a TV out there in the dog run so they can watch the new TV channel for dogs.   I have watched it and nodded off.  Haven't quite figured out its purpose, but maybe that's cuz I'm a human.  

Maybe it speaks only to dogs and helps them relax or visualize proper doggie behavior. 

I finished my North Dakota story yesterday and lobbied for more words.  It's possible I'll be granted a few more since the story has so many interesting facets---actually just about one for every person who has tried the North Dakota experience. 

It will be more work, but I've loved this story enough that I don't mind. 

In the meantime, there's more plum jelly to process and some other outdoor projects on this first day of the school year--------another reminder that life is good 11 years out and my nervous stomach is doing just fine not worrying about all those lesson plans. 

Happy Tuesday.  Enjoy Austria (I think it's Austria, anyway)  and Mr. Strauss's genius. 

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