Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Deer Lodge and Movin' On

Not a lot of excitement on the road trip so far, although the manager of our motel and I seem to have a lot in common:  English-Journalism major.  She attended the University of Montana and loves writing.

She told me some fiction writers will be staying in our room tonight.  They're on a tour.  So, there must be something literary in the air in this little spot on Main Street in historic Deer Lodge.

Just returned from a nice morning walk on the main drag, enjoying the crystal clear babbling brook which runs under the street through a residential area.  My stroll also included some time in front of City Hall with its huge pillers out front and a beautiful silver flag pole dedicated to veterans of "the forgotten war aka Korean Conflict." 

I also walked past the Yak Yak Cafe, home of "food with an attitude."  Although tempted to walk in to see their offerings, I remembered the importance of holding off all food intake until Dell, Montana. 

I was planning to visit a little more in depth with the motel manager during my latte time at continental breakfast this morning, but her husband was doing the breakfast honors.  

I'm betting that she and Annie may have crossed paths, even if ever so briefly, as she worked at the Sea Tac Marriott about the same time Annie was working at the Courtyard on Lake Union.

Always a small world, it seems, especially when we take time to do a little visiting.

Bill and I had plenty of time to visit yesterday after getting on the road, only to meet with a half-hour halt at Trestle Creek.  I maintained my patience for the first twenty minutes and then started the characteristic and impatient grumbling.  Not too bad, though. 

Arriving at the Pantry in Clark Fork soothed any negative feelings about how this trip had started out.  We each ordered a heavenly sandwich with their heavenly fresh bread, and I stocked up on a big bag of their individually wrapped chocolates. 

I figured we were well set with supplies, at least until we reach the CALF-A in Dell, Montana.  Once there, I have a feeling the Suburu will take a turn off the freeway headed south and we'll once again experience the disgustingly decadent delight of those 4,000-calorie but melt-in-your-mouth caramel-glazed donuts.  

They ought to be pretty fresh when we arrive.

We'll be somewhere in Utah tonight.  I'm hoping for a little more time outside the car today with my camera.  Can't wait to see the fall colors mixed with Utah's drop-dead, everyday magnificence.  It should be a treat.

Onward . . . Happy Wednesday from beautiful Big Sky Country. 

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